Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wedding Rehearsal & Rehearsal Dinner

Our Rehearsal was held at St. Mary's church and the reception was at Rio City Cafe 
on the Sacramento River. Here are some pictures my Aunt captured that night! 

Fernando and his groomsmen
my parents at the rehearsal
two bridesmaids: Diana & Stephanie
matron of honor and two bridesmaids all being silly
walking with my dad
soon to be husband and wife
the beautiful reception
beautiful setup with handmade napkin rings

Fernando and I with our good friend Ivan who came all the way from Madrid!
Lorin & Chico
my sister-in-law and brother
one of the flower girls with the ring bearer on her lap
Teresa Cowan & John Ahmu
Katie Cowan, another flower girl
My cousin Jackie (another bridesmaid) and I
another flower girl, Grace Cowan and I. She drew Fernando and I a picture, so sweet!
my Aunt Terry and my mother
some of the groomsmen 
Fernando's grandfather, Papabuelo! 
Cheryl Cowan
ringer bearer and cutest little boy ever, John Ahmu! 
my grandmother and Aunt Terry
aunt Terry and I 
it is difficult for them to take a normal picture
my aunt Sylvia and my mother
Laura and I
groomsman Tim and his lovely wife Cami
with my mom and mother in law
mi suegra

One more day till the big day!

Friday, July 29, 2011

brand new

Brand new things happening around here. First things first- this is a brand new blog! I am very new to this whole blogging thing, but I figure now would be a great time to start! 

Fernando and I just tied the knot almost two months ago! So everything around here is brand new- brand new marriage, brand new house (well to us anyway), brand new appliances, dishes and patio furniture (among many many other amazingly new and shiny wedding gifts we are surrounded with these days:) , and a brand new life and journey for us to embark on. Just the two of us...

well for now ;) 

To fill everyone in on the details: 
Fernando and I met living in Sacramento when he was a medical student at UC Davis and I was still a young one (freshman in college...yikes!). We met at a Rosary group at a family friend's house. We stayed friends for a couple years even though I always knew he liked me! ;) (...him flirting with me every time he saw me may have been a tip off.) 

After waiting for me to grow up, Fernando finally decided enough was enough and that he wanted to REALLY get to know me.  After all, it's not like we were hang-out-on-the-weekend friends. Even though we had known each other for a few years by this point, it was more like say-hi-and-catch-up-when-we-run-into-each-other friends (you know those kind). 

To make a very long story VERY short- once we really got to know each other, we both knew. After a few e-mails exchanged (initiated by Fernando) followed by a few weeks of hanging out non-stop, we knew
As cheesy as that may sound, I knew I was going to marry him one day. I was sure of it. 

So beginning in December of 2009- we dated for seven amazing months in Sacramento, until Fernando had to move. He had been halfway through his first year of Residency at UC Davis when we started dating.  He was doing a year of surgery as an intern before his Residency in Radiology began. 

February 2010
March-May 2010

So in June of 2010 Fernando moved to North Carolina to start his first year of Residency in Radiology at UNC (the University of North Carolina). 

We (fortunately) were able to see each other many times throughout our long distance relationship! 
First I went to NC in June when he moved to help him get settled and to say goodbye (that was horrible-the saying goodbye, that is). 

July 2010
The next time Fernando and I were able to see each other was in September in Montana for Labor Day weekend! Fernando's parents live in Billings, Montana and they still live in the house Fernando grew up in! It was so awesome being able to spend time with him and his parents there (and be able to see and explore his old stomping grounds). 

September 2010
The next time Fernando and I were reunited was at my brother, Chico's wedding. Fernando came for a (very quick) weekend trip the second weekend in October. Which (unbeknownst to me, at that time) Fernando had already purchased THE RING. (Yes THAT ring.) Although he did not bring it with him because he knew the weekend of my brother's wedding would not be an appropriate time to pop the question and if he had brought it... well, it would just have been too tempting! 

October 2010
Fernando flew out a few weeks later (the first weekend in November) to surprise me! And that is when he proposed! That, however is another story in and of itself. If you don't already know, ask me! Or I may write a blog post about it at some point... 

{... and for the record- Fernando did NOT propose at dinner. We just went to the Grange for dinner AFTER he proposed :) } 
November 2010
The next trip on the itinerary was NC for Thanksgiving! Fernando lived there in his sister's house at the time so we (Fernando's parents and I) came to stay with them for the long weekend.  

After that we got to spend a week together in Sacramento for Christmas in 2010! It was splendid. He flew in a day or two after my last final that semester, so the timing could not have worked out better! (unless he could have stayed longer, of course.) 

We were apart for New Year's which was unfortunate. However, Fernando came to Sacramento again a few weeks into January so we could have a weekend together and take our engagement pictures. :) 

January 2011
My last trip to NC before moving here was in March of 2011 for my spring break.  This trip was longer than our other ones had been. I got to stay for 9 days.  Although Fernando had to work during the week, we made use of our time every weekday night by going house hunting once he got home! One night we also did champagne tasting for the wedding. We decided on a Weibel Vineyards, Almond Champagne. It is my new favorite champagne! 
During the day I would hang out with my suegra (my mother-in-law, although she wasn't quite at the time;) since she was visiting too! 
After looking at many houses in many different neighborhoods we finally decided on one perfect one in a cute neighborhood. We put an offer in on it and a month and a half later it was ours! It closed on May 5th, 2011! 

I graduated from Sacramento State University on May 20th which brought Fernando out my way one last time before the wedding. Although he was unfortunately not able to make it to my actual graduation, he came anyway for the weekend to celebrate and wrap up last minute wedding to-dos.  

On the right I am holding up a beautiful gold crucifix my parents got me for graduation!
Fernando's gift for me for graduation? Photography lessons 

...Finally we got married on June 4, 2011. It was perfect. There really isn't much more I can say. The pictures will speak for themselves.  

We honeymooned in Kauai and then finally made it home to NC on June 12th. Since then we have just been unpacking like mad! Fernando was here for a month with the house in his possession, however all he did was move the wedding presents and all of his things in.  He wanted his first night in our new house to be with me. Cute, I know. ;) 

 It has been a lot of work and it is still very messy as I'll show in another post. 

Well that has been our life thus far, starting with our first Christmas together and ending with the weekend of my graduation!

More posts/pictures to come include: 
♥ Wedding 
♥ Honeymoon
♥ New Home/moving in progress
♥ Guatemala trip!