Sunday, December 30, 2012

June {2012}

The month of June was very busy full of family visits, a beautiful baptism, and getting to know our lovely Maria Lucia.  

Our first year anniversary was on the 4th of June. We celebrated by having a nice dinner and dessert at home. I made Fernando's favorite soup, Chicken and Corn Summer Chowder and one of his favorite desserts, Strawberry Shortcake. Since Maria Lucia was only 6 weeks old at the time we figured it was best to just stay home with her instead of going out to eat.
Fernando and I both purchased Almond champagne for each other as a surprise without knowing it! That particular champagne is a favorite of ours and it was the one we had at our wedding.

These are our friends Tom Pillion and Nick Heyne. This was Tom's last night in town so they came over to our house to visit. Tom and his family moved to Virginia for his work.
Fernando's First Father's Day!

Maria Lucia picked out the red and white shirt her daddy is wearing in the bottom right hand corner as well as a new pair of jeans. 
This was before an end of the year party for Fernando's Residency. He finished up his second year in June and started his third year in July! He has two more years left of Residency.
Our little Saint in Training! We received this as a gift at our baby shower from our friends the Fraticellis.

Maria Lucia's favorite position at this age. It was key for Fernando getting her to calm down while I was making dinner or getting ready for bed. It is so cute how she would hold on to his finger. 

Uncle Jake comes to visit!
Whenever Lucia was upset, Jake would take her and hold her in this position and she would immediately calm down. It was like magic!
Our family celebrating Fernando's grandparent's 61st wedding Anniversary

We found out that if my dad's parents were still alive it would have their 61st wedding anniversary just ONE DAY before theirs! So Fernando's mom's parents and my dad's parents were married one day apart, the same year! :)

Maria Lucia was baptized on June 30, 2012. Post here.
Our sweet Nephew Logan, at about 5 months old! My mom sent me this picture and I had to include it. We miss him!

Some pictures we took with our phones in June.
and of course a little video of Lucia babbling

Saturday, December 08, 2012

May {2012}

I left off half way through May in the last post about Lucia's first month of life. I will finish up with the rest of the pictures from May: 

sleepy baby faces 
at the Bethencourt home for Mrs. Bethencourt's birthday
The oldest of the Bethencourt kids (there are 9 of them) is Ana and she is in the lower left hand picture with me. Ana was pregnant in this picture and she just had her little boy Francisco in August. Miriam is the youngest of the 9 and she is the one on the right holding Lucia. She was practicing being an Aunt. :) 
Memorial Day weekend
morning snuggles and a walk to our neighborhood pool 
Maria Lucia and Cecilia (the youngest of 7 Fraticelli children) are only 2 days apart!
These were pictures from Maria Teresa's (another Fraticelli girl, pictured in the bottom right hand corner) 6th birthday party.
some random phone pictures from may :) 
a short video of some of her first babbles

Friday, December 07, 2012

Maria Lucia {1st month}

Lucia's first month of LIFE! 
first day home from the hospital, lots of snuggling and thoughtful gifts from neighbors
our neighbor Emily holding sleepy Lucia
grandparents meeting their granddaughter for the first time
on our way to Lucia's first Holy Mass ever... first of many
after Mass snuggles
perfect little newborn feet
grandma meets Lucia for the first time when she is 6 days old
we couldn't get enough of this adorable little butterfly baby bottom

a beautiful pizza dinner out on our deck
We had the champagne we used at our wedding (the most amazing champagne ever) and the glasses we used at our wedding to celebrate the birth of our baby! (both the glasses and champagne were courtesy of my amazing sister-in-law Laura). 
more beautiful shots from a dinner out on our deck
Lucia's first bath, needless to say she did't enjoy it much. 
grandma snuggles
I could let her sleep like that on me forever 
dinner at Tia Laura's house
how many Boschinis does it take to put a baby in a basinet?
the Towers and Fifes come to visit
Lucia's first Rosary- she slept through it, we'll let that slide for now ;) 
Mary and I with our baby girls and Fernando with his girls
I love how newborns have no control over their bodies- the hand gestures and facial expression kill me. 
more delicious food on our outdoor deck and grand baby snuggles with the Nonnos
sleep baby stretches and her first finger nail clippin' 
my beautiful mamma and some of the delicious food she made while she stayed with us
our first Mother's day with Maria Lucia
ML was 3.5 weeks old on my first Mother's Day!
some pictures from our phones from ML's first month of life
more snap shots from our phones :) 
and I have to add a little video because she is just so adorable
our little cupcake