Saturday, July 28, 2012

North Carolina- The Move

Moving to North Carolina for me only required shipping a few boxes over in weeks prior to the wedding. I didn't send any furniture or big items. I even sold my car right before the wedding! That made the move fairly simple for me. 

Once Fernando got the keys to our house he started moving his furniture and other items over. When we came back from our honeymoon everything was moved in, however there were still MANY boxes left to unpack! We had an entire room stacked head high with boxes full of wedding gifts! Since Fernando was living at his sister's house right up until the wedding, all of our gifts were sent there! Laura was such a trouper having her house filled with boxes! 

You can say it- our house was a mess!

Just a few of our MANY wedding gifts! We received so many amazing gifts from our generous family members and friends! Words cannot express how thankful we are!  

I love cooking! It has been so fun to cook for Fernando because he will eat anything! I love trying new recipes as well as making family favorites that we both grew up eating! 

Dropping Fernando off at work. We only have one car so if I need the car one day I have to take him to work. This was on a Saturday, which explains the jeans! 

Celebrating the end of Fernando's first year of Radiology! He started his second year in July of 2011. Yes- that is champagne and.... Chick-fil-A! So classy. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

June 2011- Honeymoon in Kauai

The Bride and Groom leaving the reception...

Fernando planned the honeymoon for us! Since we had our first date at the Grange Restaurant inside the Citizen Hotel, Fernando picked this hotel for us to stay at after our wedding.  
The next morning we went to Sunday Mass at the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament in downtown Sacramento. Some family and friends came to Mass as well.  This was a good time to say goodbye to everyone for the last time before we left for Hawaii.

    We had a flight from Sacramento to San Francisco, then we had a three hour layover in San Francisco.  Our next flight was from San Francisco to Honolulu and we had another three hour layover there. Then finally, our last flight was from Honolulu to Kauai.
On our layover in Honolulu 
Our resort for the week- The Westin Princeville Ocean Resort Villas. Courtesy of Fernando's grandparents! 
(Gracias Aburi y Papabuelo!) 

Having a drink at the beautiful St. Regis Princeville Resort 

Exploring Rock Quarry Beach in Kalihiwai, Kauai.

 Luau Kalamaku at the Kilohana Plantation in Lihue, Kauai

Wailua River State Park. 
(Opaekaa Falls, Wailua Falls & Wailua River {plus the Juice Bar and Cafe we stopped on the way there for coffee} ) 

Kipu Falls. 
In order to get to the falls we took about a five minute walk through a former sugar cane trail. 
There was a rope swing that Fernando had fun using!  
We loved this little adventure and would have recommended it to anyone visiting Kauai, 
however the owner of the property closed to public use two months after we were there. 

Wrangler Restaurant and St. Teresa's Catholic Church.  
We found St. Teresa's on our way to Waimea Canyon so we decided to stop for a bit! 
We also found a few beautiful beaches along South Kauai. 

Waimea Canyon and Mount Wai'ale'ale. 
As the sign says, Wai'ale'ale is one of the wettest places on earth! 

Some of the sunset pictures were taken while leaving Waimea Canyon and the beach pictures are from a random beach we stopped at on our way to meet our friends for ice cream. 

Lappert's Ice cream in Koloa, Kauai. 

We met Sean and Ashley Tower for ice cream! (Their treat, thanks again guys!)  
Sean was in our wedding and they just happened to be going 
to Kauai the same week as our honeymoon, so we just had to meet up with them! 
(Sean went to Medical School with Fernando. Sean and Ashley -and now their adorable daughter Hailey as well- all live in Winston-Salem, NC. They live a little over an hour from us!) 

Banana Joe's Fruit Stand
We stopped here many times throughout our trip to get fruit, nuts and other treats. Our favorite were the macadamia nuts  and the pineapple ice cream. 
(The pineapple ice cream was actually just frozen pineapple blended up. It was delicious!)

The St. Regis Princeville Resort

Again, The St. Regis

(This sunset cruise was my wedding gift to Fernando.)

Last day! On our balcony before leaving.

A random beach we stopped at on our way to dinner. 

Dinner at Olympic Cafe before heading to the airport. 

The sign in the airport says "Welcome to North Carolina Research Triangle Region."
The "welcome home" items were waiting for us when we got there! Fernando's sister had them waiting for us along with milk in the fridge! In the basket were many things including tea, coffee, cereal, hand soap, hand towels etc. All the things you need when first moving into the house. She thought of everything!  (Thanks again Laura!)