Monday, August 20, 2012

Guatemala {July 2011}

Fernando and I went to Guatemala City on July 1-5 of last year! It was only weeks after getting back from our honeymoon! We made the trip to see Fernando's family that lives there. His mom's side of the family all lives in Guatemala. We were also there to celebrate Fernando's grandparent's (Aburi and Papabuelo, as they call them) 60th wedding anniversary!

On our layover in Atlanta.
On one of out flights we were upgraded to first class! They didn't even tell us why, they just changed our seats and said- "We think you'll be happy with your new seats." We sure were!

At Tia Marta's house in Antigua, Guatemala.

An old abandoned church in Antigua. The architecture there was amazing!

Casa Santo Domingo in Antigua, Guatemala.
This hotel was AMAZING. These pictures do NOT do it justice. There were candles and fresh rose petals everywhere, as well as Gregorian Chant playing quietly in the background as you walked through the halls. It is something you have to experience for yourself! It had been described to me before we went, but it was so much more amazing than I had pictured it!

Casa Santo Domingo has an amazing pool! We went to the pool at night so we weren't able to snap a good picture, so I took (stole) that one from their website! ;) And yes- there is a picture of the bathroom! We thought it was a neat looking bathroom. That's what we loved about this hotel, there were so many amazing details everywhere you looked.

Breakfast in the morning at Kloster and more exploring the grounds of Casa Santo Domingo!

In Guatemala City for the Anniversary Party! Congratulations on 60 years together, Aburi and Papabuelo! We were so happy to make it for the celebration!

More of the Anniversary celebration

Fernando's cousin José took us to San Gregorio spa one day when we were there. It was an amazing time of relaxation and visiting with everyone. 

After a morning at the spa we headed over to Fernando's cousin, Alberto's house. It was Alberto and Sharon's daughter- Giovanna's Birthday, so we were there for the celebration! It took pictures of all of the Guatemalan food at the party because it was delicious, but also because it was "typical" Guatemalan food!

Some of the many gorgeous Churches we visited while we were there!

The house and yard of Aburi and Papabuelo. They have such a beautiful house and garden!


We made one more trip to Antigua but this time it was with Fernando's sister, mom, and Tio Pedro and Tia Nydia. We had a great time exploring more of the city!

This was our lunch at Kloster's. We had Ceaser salad (which they made right in front of us), amazing fondue and beer! It was a great lunch! 

Churches and things around Antigua.

Coming home!
We brought home a painting and two sets of candle sticks! It was such a pain to check it and everything! We had to re-check on our layover once we got back in the states. Waiting for it caused us to miss our connecting flight! It was such a mess, but we ended up on another flight and made it home on time. Laura and Fernando both had work the next day, so we were a little worried we wouldn't make it- but luckily it all worked out!

So the painting was one Aburi had painted that was hanging in her dining room. Fernando had mentioned that he wanted it some day, so she wouldn't let us go home without it! The painting is one that Aburi painted to copy the original. It is called the Angelus and it is explained here. The painting is now hanging in our dining room and I think it is better than the original. ;)

Here is a little more information about the artist of the original painting.
Check out for more information on Jean-Francois Millet and other artists. They have biographies on artists, their works, exclusive articles as well us up-to-date exhibition listings. There is also a section on the website that includes related artists and category tags as well as contemporary artists you might be interested in!

As for the candle sticks, they were ones that Laura and I saw and just had to have! Fernando's parents kindly got both Laura and I a set. They are now in our living room and we love them!
All in all we had a fabulous trip and can't wait for the next time we are able to visit Guatemala!