Wednesday, January 23, 2013

August {2012}

August was such a fun month filled with traveling, quality time with family & friends, and an adorable little 3 and a half month old. 
Ali's trip was at the end of July and she left August 2nd. We had such a great time with her here and can't wait for another visit. :)
Ali helped out so much when she was here!
Ali took some pictures of Lucia one morning. This was one of my favorites! 
Baca meeting Lucia for the first time!
Baca (my mom's mom) and my Aunt Terry (my mom's sister) drove up to NC from Florida to meet Lucia! They only came for three days, but we wish they could have stayed longer! It was so fun to have them here. We took them to the Duke gardens, to some yummy restaurants and to the North Carolina Museum of Art.
the beautiful Duke Gardens
I couldn't pick just one....
Lucia is a very happy baby however, there are times when she can be SO serious (thus the pictures on the left).
Lucia getting her ears pierced!
The top left picture was before her ears were pierced but she already had the marks on her ears where they were going to put the holes. The bottom left picture is of our pediatrician piercing Lucia's ear. The middle picture is clearly after the piercing was done. The top left is of me consoling Lucia and the bottom was Lucia falling asleep on daddy after a long day.
This was such a horrible experience for me. Fernando had to work so my friend Ana came with me to Lucia's 4 month checkup. I was so glad that she was able to be there for support. Lucia had both shots and ear piercing on the same day. I was a little nervous but I figured it would all go smoothly and there would be nothing to worry about. Boy was I wrong... The pediatrician accidently pierced Lucia's ear too low on the first try on her right ear! The earring went in at the VERY bottom of the lobe. It was definitely too low and had to be taken out. When this happened Lucia was screaming and I started having second thoughts about the whole thing! I was crying too at this point because I felt like it was my fault she was in pain.
With something like your child getting shots, you of course feel bad that they are in pain but you know it is something that is medically necessary. However, since this was a completely elective thing, I felt horrible putting her through it.
They ended up taking the bad piercing out, piercing her left ear and then going back and re-piercing her right ear. Luckily those times the pediatrician got them right on the mark! And as if she wasn't in enough pain, she had to get her 4 month shots after that. My poor baby.
Despite having a hard time in the midst of it, once it was all said and done I am glad we did it! 
When getting ready for our Costa Rica trip I had to get myself a new passport. Although the passport I had had not expired yet, it did still have my maiden name. (When we went to Guatemala only three weeks after we were married we booked my flight as my maiden name that way I could use my old passport).
Fernando and I are a little over 6 years apart in age, so we thought it was funny that these pictures were both taken when we were twenty years old. I had never seen what would we have looked liked if we were the same age at the same time... if that makes sense? Anyway, we are both twenty years old here!

Our Costa Rica trip was August 11th through the 19th. (Post here) Pura Vida! 
Lucia needed a passport of her own as well. Here is her serious photo! 
This is me holding my nephew Logan and my sister-in-law Lorin holding Lucia!
I went to CA with Lucia only a few days after returning from Costa Rica. Fernando stayed home and was on call that weekend. I came for my cousin Ellen's wedding, however I also wanted to come out because my older brother and his wife had not met Lucia yet!
Some snap shots from our phones during the month of August! 

I got some of Lucia's first giggles on camera. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

July {2012}

Before leaving with my family to the Duke Gardens
The Sarah P. Duke Gardens

The boys playing frisbee and enjoying the Duke Gardens
(Notice Lucia being carried in her stroller like a princess, we had to carry the stroller down the stairs)

The lighting was spotty because of the trees, but I love these pictures of my dad with Lucia. This is when we stopped to eat lunch at the gardens. 
Exploring more of Duke and showing my family the Duke chapel
I love the picture to the far right, it makes everyone look even taller than they already are! 

bath time with momma and grandma
We ate at The Oceanic Restaurant for lunch. This restaurant is on a pier on Wrightsville Beach in Wilmington, NC.
When we were done eating Fernando's mom, sister and grandparents sat at the restaurant and the rest of us went down to the beach and swam. 
down at the beach 
After a long day at the beach in Wilmington we headed home and took our families to our favorite Ice cream place in Hillsborough called Maple View Farms. They make their own ice cream from the cows on their farm. The front porch (with rocking chairs!!) is adorable and their ice cream is to die for!  It was a hot day which made it perfect for some delicious ice cream. 
My family (my parents and brother Jake) left the morning of July 4th. We were sad to see them go, but so grateful they were able to come out for Lucia's baptism and spend some time with us in NC! We spent July 4th with Fernando's family at Laura's house BBQing and just haning out. Lucia had a festive outfit on for her first 4th of July. :) 
one of the times we went to the pool over the summer 
At Laura's house to help her pack/take her to the airport for her trip to Africa.
She is gone for one year (with a 2 week break back in the states for the holidays).
My great friend Ali Teerlink came to visit us at the end of July/beginning of August! I met Ali freshman year of High School and we have been very close friends ever since.
Ali is Mormon and she went on an 18 month mission starting in July of 2010. She came back in January of 2012 which means she couldn't come to our wedding! Since I wasn't in Sacramento when Ali got home in January I still had not seen her since June of 2010, before her mission! For her birthday Ali asked for tickets to come see us in NC and her parents generously gave them to her! We were so happy to have Ali here and we had a great time just hanging out and showing her NC. 
Typical phone pictures from the month of July 
more phone pictures

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Maria Lucia's Baptism {June 30, 2012}

Maria Lucia with grandpa
She hung out with him while everyone got ready for the baptism. 
The Cathedral in Downtown Raleigh where the Baptism was held. 
The proud parents with our baby :)
The middle picture is of my brother Jake (the Godfather) giving Maria Lucia a blessing. The priest who baptized Maria Lucia was Father Dan Oshwald. He is a long time friend of Fernando's. 
ML getting baptized!
After ML was baptized we dressed her in her white baptism gown to represent her rebirth as a new Catholic Christian.  Her baptism candle, which is lit from the large Easter candle, is received by the godparents to represent Lucia's movement from ordinary life to life in Christ, the "Light of the World."

 Father Dan Oshwald with the Godparents and parents of Maria Lucia Boschini.
Great Grandparents, Grand parents, parents and an Aunt and Uncle of Maria Lucia. She is one blessed baby!

The beautiful cake made by a local cake maker. Her company is called "The Little Flour."
This cake is of Our Lady of Fatima because Maria Lucia is named after Lucia dos Santos- one of the Visionaries of Our Lady of Fatima.

The spread of food that our families helped us prepare!

Lucia with some of our friends and family that attended the baptism.

Jake doing his "trick" with Lucia to get her to calm down. In the middle of the party after the baptism Lucia started crying in her swing. I picked her up out of the swing and tried to calm her down, however that didn't work (although it usually did). So everyone at the party started yelling for Jake who was in the other room. Jake came in and everyone got quiet and watched as I passed Lucia off to him. The SECOND she got in his arms and put her head on his chest she stopped crying. Everyone bursted out in a round of applause! Lucia eventually fell asleep on Uncle Jake. :)

Maria Lucia used my baptism gown, bonnet and blanket for her baptism (thus the "Rachel Marie" stitched on the blanket). All of these were handmade by my dad's sister- my Godmother and Aunt- Sylvia for my baptism.