Thursday, March 21, 2013

CA {August 2012}

On our way to CA! 
First stop- surprising my friend Stephanie at work! My Aunt Sylvia and mom picked us up from the airport, before even going to lunch, we stopped at Stephanie's work to surprise her. She had no idea I was even in town let alone coming to see her at work that day. She had never met Lucia, so needless to say she was SHOCKED and excited to see us well mostly Lucia;)!
This trip was VERY last minute, I booked the flight only a couple days before we left, so I only told my parents that we were coming.  My Aunt Sylvia was visiting my parents also and since she had to come with my mom to the airport she found out early as well. 
Lorin and Logan meeting Lucia for the first time!! 
Lucia hanging out with her Uncle/Godfather Jake. 
More time with Stephanie
Jake and I in the back of my parent's van on the way to our cousin's wedding
One of the reasons I made the last minute decision to go to CA was for my cousin, Ellen's wedding. The Costa Rica trip we took a week previous to this trip was our first time flying with Lucia. I wasn't sure how it would go and I didn't know if I would be brave enough to attempt it alone since Fernando would not be able to join me. When we got back from Costa Rica I decided Lucia is a great traveler (at that age anyway) and I was going to do it! I am so glad we were able to make the trip to CA! Most of my family still had not met Lucia so this was an opportunity that (at the last minute) I decided I couldn't pass up. 
My beautiful (second) cousin Ellen being walked up the aisle by her father. 
My wonderful parents 
Enjoying the cocktail hour
holding each others babies 

In-n-out burger- one of the reason I made the trip to CA ;) 
A little front porch diapered baby lovin' 
grandma and her grandbabies
Lucia eating breakfast with grandpa the morning we left.
We didn't want to leave! 

COSTA RICA {August 2012}

On the way to Costa Rica! Lucia napped well on the flight. :) 

The beautiful view to greet us when we arrived at Condovac la Costa.
Condovac la Costa is in Guanacaste, Costa Rica on the beach "Playa Hermosa."
Eating our first meal (of many) at  the delicious restaurant. 
Some of the stunning views from the grounds of the hotel/beach. 
Some of the delicious food we enjoyed. 

Some of the snacks and drinks I was introduced to while in Costa Rica. The bizcochos and platanos both tasted similar to corn chips. The far right was a pineapple drink and the Imperial beer is a famous beer in Costa Rica. 
What a typical meal in Costa Rica looked like with a 3 1/2 month old... babbling and making hand gestures one minute and passed out on my lap the next.
Beach time with a tiny baby.
Translation- we took short walks along the beach with plenty of sunscreen or mommy and daddy took turns getting in the water while the other one held the baby in the shade. I guess that's what happens when you travel to the beach with a 3 1/2 month by yourselves... 
My favorite picture of Lucia from the trip!
She fell asleep on me during Mass, so of course Fernando had to snap a picture. I couldn't believe he was taking a picture during Mass, but afterwards I was glad he did. :) 
One of our days at the restaurant/beach.
Lucia is wearing an adorable dress she got from Guatemala. It is one of my favorite little sun dresses of hers! 
One of the adventures we were able to do with Lucia, a ride with Palo Verde Boat Tours.
(With a baby and no one to watch her it's kinda hard to go on adventures like zip lining, jet skiing, etc.)
On the boat tour we saw crocodiles, white faced monkeys, howlers monkeys, grasshoppers, bats, iguanas, and many different types of birds. When the boat tour was over we went to have a delicious lunch. It was one of the best meals we had while in Costa Rica.
After lunch we went to a little house of a family that makes pottery. They showed us the process from start to finish. It was very interesting the watch them work and see everything that goes into making pottery! We ended up buy a few pieces of pottery.
In Costa Rica Mother's Day is celebrated on August 15th which is the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. So my first year of being a mother I got to celebrate Mother's Day twice! We happened to be in Costa Rica on August 15th which means I was spoiled by Fernando the whole day. I got a massage on the beach during the day and that evening we went to Mass at Saint Anthony of Padua Church. This was the first church I had ever seen that was completely open to the outside. After Mass we went back to Condovac and had a Mother's Day dinner. They had dancing and different entertainment for everyone and they gave out roses to the mothers. We had a great time!
One last view of Condovac before we left for San Jose, Costa Rica!
Lucia with Nonno right after arriving in San Jose! 
In Costa Rica we stayed with Fernando's Tia Geovana. This is her backyard and where Fernando, his cousins and dad had an impromptu soccer game.  
We did a little sight seeing in San Jose during our short few days there. This was The Basílica de Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles. You can read the interesting story of the Basilica and the statue and the little girl here. The top right picture is of the little Adoration chapel inside the Basilica and the bottom right picture is of the statue and the little girl.    
While in CR we were able to see four of Fernando's aunt's houses that are all within a few miles of each other. This is the backyard of Fernando's Tio Pete and Tia Anita's house. We didn't get pictures of the houses, however if we had they wouldn't have done them justice! They are all so unique and amazing and truly something you have to see in person! 
At the main event, the main reason we came to CR!
Fernando's cousin Maxi's wedding! 
Lucia chewing on Fernando's hand. This was during her phase when she loved doing this. Unfortunately the picture on the right is a bit blurry. A lot of the ones we took at the wedding turned out like this.  
The beautiful reception! We enjoyed all of the little details and had a great time dancing the night away! 
Fernando with his grandfather, Tito (as they call him) whose name is also Fernando! 
Fernando with his cousin Maxi, the groom! 
Fernando dancing with his cousin and Goddaughter, Sophia.
[on the left] With my mother-in-law and [on the right] with Fernando's cousin Hilda. She kindly let me borrow her dress for the wedding! 
[top left] one of the crew of Flamenco dancers that came to dance during the reception
[bottom left] the bride and groom in their "flamenco getup," fake mustache and all!
[on the right] Fernando and I being silly with the props we got. Don't worry- we left the real flamenco dancing to the professionals.
Sweet Maria Lucia, ready to go home after a great trip!