Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dec {2012}

Some of the many things we enjoyed last December...

visiting papa at the hospital
walks on our trail
learning how to crawl
standing up in her crib for the first time=time to lower the crib another notch 
our first UNC basketball game (Fernando had been before, but it was a first for me and Lucia)
pretty dresses and oversized bows
Fernando's dad retiring after 21 years working in Billings as a Cardiologist
making carmel corn and packaging it up to pass out to the neighbors 
wearing jeans for the first time
As you can tell from the picture on the left, she gave them a thorough inspection. 
making baskets as Christmas presents for my in-laws
This was my father-in-law's basket with a "retirement" theme complete with a crossword puzzle book, chocolate, LL Bean slippers and a retirement Christmas tree ornament. 
My mother-in-law's basket was a "welcome to NC/retirement" theme. We got her a book, chocolate, a Holy Family image and two ornaments (Fernando is a Duke fan however since the present was from Laura as well, we added in a UNC ornament for good measure;)  
Laura's basket
Fernando and his sister have a tradition of giving each other an ornament every Christmas so of course we have continued with the tradition! I found this adorable little doctor ornament I couldn't pass up (although Laura actually has very long hair). In her basket was some soaps, a little red soap dish, socks, a gift card to L'Occitane and of course chocolate! 
wrapping up all of the baskets 
decorating Laura's house for Christmas
Fernando went by himself to get a tree, a fresh wreath for the door and bring down all of his sister's Christmas decorations from the attic. Lucia and I met him there to help decorate. Laura didn't fly in until a few days before Christmas so he wanted to make sure her house was ready and decorated for Christmas. He is such a sweet and thoughtful brother!

with Nonno! 
preparing for a making our Christmas Eve dinner (with help of course)
Fernando's parents and sister came for dinner as well as our friends the Heynes. We had Fig and Orange Glazed Ham, Whipped Sweet Potatoes with Brown Sugar-Pecan Topping, this AMAZING salad- Baby Spinach with Roasted Red Onions, Pecans, Dried Cranberries, Crumbled Goat Cheese and Citrus Dressing, popovers and they Heynes brought Chess Pie for dessert. 
Drs. Nick and Emily Heyne
opening Christmas presents for the first time on Christmas day
(P.S. How awesome is that wrapping paper on the box Lucia is holding onto?! It's pretty ridiculous how difficult it is to find real CHRISTMAS wrapping paper, that is actually about the birth of Christ.) 
multitasking- destroying the Christmas tree while play with the new blocks from Grandpa and Grandma
climbing up the stairs for the first time 
wearing pretty Christmas dresses (plus the adorable hat Grandpa and Grandma sent)
On Christmas morning we went to Mass at our parish with Fernando's family and opened presents at our house. Lucia wore pjs after Mass for a nap then we changed her back into her Christmas dress to snaps some pictures.

spending time with Laura
unfortunately the only picture we got with her! 
our first Christmas officially as "The Boschini Family" 
wearing my favorite baby pajamas of all time- they even have a little ruffle around the collar! 
wearing adorable headbands- although at this age it is almost impossible to stop her from pulling it off her head every 5 seconds! 
Christmas treat traditions- Fernando's parents bring Caramel Cookie Waffles from a place that makes them in MT.
1st Birthday! Although we enjoyed this one from afar, our precious nephew and Godson Logan turned ONE at the end of December! Time FLYS. 
We had an African themed New Years Eve Dinner! West African Spicy Peanut Soup with Chicken, Nigerian Akara Black Eyed Pea Fritters and a special South African Champagne. This was all thanks to Laura who was home from Malawi, Africa for a break and will be back for good in June! :)
Fernando and I facetimed at midnight since he was on call at the hospital. Luckily Lucia and I stayed at Laura's that night! We had a great time despite Fernando not being able to join us. 
some phone pics from December 
I just happened to be taking a video of Lucia when she full on crawled for the first time! The quality isn't the greatest, but it's pretty adorable. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

November {2012}

November was full of "firsts", family, friends and many things to be thankful for! Some firsts for Lucia were eating solid foods and sitting up on her own! We went to visit family and friends in California for Thanksgiving and were blessed enough to be able to stay an entire week. 

Somehow these are the only pictures we got of Lucia having her first bites of food.  She didn't like it too much, however I figured it would take a bit to ease her into it. 
playing with papa
I heard Lucia whining and I looked over and realized her whole little play gym had collapsed on her. Is it bad that I took a picture before "rescuing" her!? 
WHO KNEW that a zipper on a jacket could provide hours of entertainment for a 7 month old?
These pictures were taken in two different airports and she played with the zipper during both of our flights! Thank God for that jacket. 
The cousins finally reunited! 
A Cardin Family breakfast tradition- breakfast bagel sandwiches
We don't have these tied to any specific Holiday or anything, we just like to make them after Mass on random Sundays when they sound good. Well the Sunday we were visiting my parents they happened to sound good!
In case you are interested in making one of these amazing sandwiches for yourself, here how we do it:
First we pick up fresh Asiago cheese bagels from Panera. Then the delicious thick cut peppered bacon is cooked to perfection. Next come the eggs that are cooked over hard. Once the egg is almost done you add a slice of cheese (whichever kind you like, my personal preference is sharp cheddar) and place a few slices of cooked bacon and add the steaming heap of goodness to a toasted Asiago cheese bagel. Voila!
Side note: Although Panera has basically the same sandwich available on their breakfast menu, we were buying their bagels and making these sandwiches at home long before they put it on the menu! Just saying... 
Lucia enjoying time at grandpa and grandma's 
My beautiful sister-in-law! Love you Lorin! 
While in California Fernando and I visited my mom at her work one day. In the office upstairs from my mom are a few of the Dominican Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist. The sisters work there on the week days, so we decided to go up and say hi! Besides we wanted to introduce Lucia to her future sisters! ;)
While in CA our friend Mary and her daughter Sophia happened to be in CA as well. We met Mary and her husband Dan in NC however they have since moved to Arkansas so we were excited to be able to see them for the first time since they moved. She also told us then that she is pregnant! Congratulations to them! 
Grandma feeding Lucia
Lucia lovin on papa before bedtime 
morning snuggles and kissed from grandpa
We had our good friends Rich and Katie and their two children Gabriel and Cecilia over for dinner at my parent's house while we were visiting. It is the best kind of entertaining when you invite the people but your mom cooks and cleans up afterwards. ;) Katie was a few days from being due with baby #3! They had a precious little boy named Anthony! 
multitasking grandpa
Ali with Lucia
SO glad we were both home for Thanksgiving and got to see each other!
Cardin/Boschini FAMILY!
of course Jake stands behind the planter
family fun on Thanksgiving
the spread- everything homemade and from scratch
Turkey, stuffing, salad, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and (Lorin's) rolls
We had 3 different types of dessert but barely anyone had any room after this feast!
One of my favorite pictures of Lucia that my mom snapped
Lucia learned how to sit up on her own on this trip to Sacramento!
going to see Baca's new house in Grass Valley
That view is from her back porch! What a backyard... 
saying goodbye to Auntie Lorin, Uncle Chico and cousin Logan
We met Diana and her husband Blake for coffee one night before we left. It was great to see them and catch up and I later found out that Diana was pregnant at the time!! They are having a girl due in August of 2013. Congratulations to them!
some phone snap shots as always

The very beginnings of Lucia learning how to crawl