Tuesday, May 07, 2013

January {2013}

Catching up on 2013! Even though the year is practically half way through ;) 

On New Years Day we had a feast to celebrate the New Year and the Feast of the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God. We had Cafe Du Monde coffee and Beignets. We also had fruit and mimosas. Everything was amazingly delicious!
Fernando was post-call do he got to enjoy this meal with us! 
The giant gingerbread cookie tree Laura and I had been wanting to make since last Christmas when she got the cookie cutters. She ended up making this tree after New Years since we were so busy around Christmas time with other things. How adorable did it turn out!?
Truly one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. The iphone shot from the car hardly does it justice! The way the clouds covered the whole sky looked like ocean waves. It was incredible.
Fernando's parents celebrated their 36th anniversary on January 8th. We went to Mass with them and then went out to dinner to celebrate.  
Lucia finds her feet more appetizing than sweet potatoes. 
This was a date night with Fernando, one of our firsts since Lucia was born!
We went to Brixx and then went to see Les Miserables. It was quite a memorable evening since we hardly ever go to the theater (even before Lucia was born!) and the dinner and movie we both amazing! 
Nonno feeding Lucia
It wasn't much but it did snow a little in January! It was enough to cover our deck and cars in a thin layer of snow. 
Maria Lucia had to get a small surgery done on her eye in order to repair a tear duct she has had a problem with since birth. The tear duct was blocked so her eye could not drain properly. Luckily the procedure is simple and only takes about ten minutes to do. I was a little worried about the procedure because, although simple, she still had to be under anesthesia. These pictures were taken before the procedure. Lucia could not have anything to eat beforehand so it was a bit of a rough morning since we had to wake her up early. She was a trooper though! 
Right after the procedure I was able to nurse her and then take her home. Once we got home she went down for a nap right away and slept for 4 hours! After waking up from her nap she ate again and watched the snow outside! This is her favorite window.
Lucia and I with Nonna!
Since my in-laws were going to be out of town for my 24th birthday in February we celebrated with them early by going to an amazing local Mexican restaurant called Mez. It is definitely on our list of favorite restaurants in our area.
Besides treating us to dinner, they also gave me a wonderful dress and beautiful diamond hoop earrings! 
Random pictures from our phones from the month of January!
The first time Lucia starting "talking." In other words something that resembled an actual word as opposed to her usual babbling. Her first "word" was ba ba. She randomly starting saying it one day while I was feeding her and then it was nap time right after that. Once I put her in the crib she was so excited about her new word that it took her a good 30 minutes to fall asleep since she was just in there saying, "ba ba ba ba..." It was pretty adorable.