Thursday, June 13, 2013

February {2013}

On a Saturday on the second day of February, I took a pregnancy test... 
Baby Boschini #2
Much to our surprise, it was positive!! I thought for sure I wasn't pregnant since I was missing a few symptoms that I had with my first pregnancy. Before taking the pregnancy test, I even asked Fernando if he wanted to split a beer. We shared a beer and then I went upstairs and I took the test. I set it down and walked away to wash my hands. I got distracted with something upstairs and Fernando came upstairs with Lucia and said, "well?! is it positive??" I told him I hadn't checked it yet so he walked over to look. He said, "Babe, it's positive!!!" I was shocked!! We were both so excited! We told Lucia she was going to be a big sister! All we received in response was a blank stare...considering she was only 9 months old at the time, we'll give her a break! 
When I took the pregnancy test when I found out we were pregnant with Lucia, I was by myself at home. That time I wanted to surprise Fernando and be able to tell him in a cute way which I did. However, this time I wanted to find out together! 

On Sunday February 3rd the three (well technically four now...) of us drove North to Washington, D.C.  Fernando had a Radiology course there the entire month of February. I had no intention of being back in NC for an entire month without him, so Lucia and I made plans! 
VERY early the next morning (monday, which was the day Fernando's course started) Lucia and I flew out of D.C. and headed straight for Sacramento. We decided to fly out from D.C. that way we could all drive together there and we would be able to still spend Sunday together. Everything worked out as planned until Fernando dropped Lucia and I off at the airport. Without going into whiney details, the entire flight from start to finish was a nightmare. And that was one of the problems, it was only ONE flight. I booked that flight on purpose thinking, oh let's just get it over with in one flight that way we get there sooner. NEVER AGAIN! Lucia used to be a great traveler, she would nurse and fall asleep the majority for the flight. However since she was 9 months at this point and able to crawl she wasn't content to just hang out on my lap for 6 hours. I finally, after a few hours of trying, got her to fall asleep on my lap (which unfortunately only lasted about an hour). Next I'm traveling by myself, I will make the cross country trip broken up in two flights instead of a straight shot.   

At in-n-out burger
My little brother Jake kindly drove all the way to San Francisco to pick us up! We (of course) made a stop in Vacaville for some In-n-out Burger! It was delicious, as always.   

The goodies my mom had waiting in my old room when we arrived! Complete with pjs for Lucia AND a Valentine's Day outfit! 
cousins sharing
Logan helping get Lucia from her nap! How cute are they?!
Lucia sitting with Uncle Chico and stealing Logan's food
bath time for the cousins
after the bath Lucia borrowed some of Logan's pjs and despite her earrings totally looks like a boy in a Tonka truck ;) 
Logan playing with the tool set at Grandpa and Grandma's house. I can't get over those blue eyes!
I sit down on the couch with a cookie and Logan immediately walks over to me, I thought he wanted to sit with Auntie Rach- no he definitely just wanted my cookie.  
with grandpa!!
a dirty grandma after work!
(if you look at the sequence from left to right you will see the flashlight thief in action!)
Habit burger lunch date with the cousins
happy baby
She loves her Godfather/Uncle 
my baby girl
While in Sacramento I was fortunate enough to see our dear friend Mary and her daughter Sophia. She happened to be visiting her family there as well. Mary and her husband Dan are currently living in Arkansas. 
more time with Uncle Jake
Valentine's Day sugar cookies 
Although the pictures don't do them justice, we made some pretty cute Valentine's Day cookies the day before we left Sacramento. It also happened to be Ash Wednesday- so we couldn't eat any of them as we were making them! Needless to say, that was a huge sacrifice! The frosting colors were red, pink, and white, although in the picture the red looks more orange.  I packaged some up tightly (hoping they would make it in one piece after traveling) and brought them to Fernando as a Valentine's Day gift!

Ash Wednesday
Uncle Jake with his nephew/niece
Lucia in her festive outfit on Valentine's Day- flying to D.C. to be with 'papa'!
The flight back to D.C. was MUCH better! It was still a straight shot but the flight was significantly shorter (only a little under 5 hours instead of 6+) and I happened to sit next to the nicest grandparents! The people on this flight overall were much nicer and the couple I sat next to even held Lucia so I could use the restroom! They also entertained her during the flight and helped me feed her lunch by holding the container of food for me. They were extra hands when I needed them and made me feel like I wasn't flying alone with a 9 month old! I was so blessed with that experience. I could not have handled another nightmare flight like the other one!  
Where we stayed that night!
The whole month in D.C. Fernando was staying in an "ExecuStay" place which are basically  furnished apartments you can rent. It was nicer than a hotel since there was a full kitchen and it wasn't too cramped! He was staying there with his friend/colleague who was also attending the course.  

When Fernando picked us up from the airport he clearly had something up his sleeve. He had Lucia's portable crib and all of our bags that I had purposefully left at his place in D.C. that way we would have them when we got back. He didn't tell me where we were going until we showed up at Le Meridien in Arlington, VA. It was my Valentine's Day/Early Birthday gift. The package he got included dinner at the restaurant in the hotel. It was so nice to be able to relax at the hotel and shower after a long day of traveling. We then enjoyed a delicious dinner! 

The next day was a Friday and since we would have had to get up early in order for Fernando to get back to his course on time Friday morning, he decided to play hooky and hang out with us! We had a relaxing morning and walked to grab breakfast somewhere near the hotel.

After checking out of the hotel we headed to Sean and Ashley Tower's place. Sean was also there in February for the Radiology course but was staying in a place about 20 minutes from where Fernando was staying. We hung out with them for awhile and then we all headed to the Smithsonian National Zoo. 

National Zoo with the Tower Family 
After dinner at Vapiano with a very tired and sick Lucia
That Friday night after the Zoo we headed to dinner at Vapiano which is an amazing and delicious Pizza and Pasta restaurant that we are now obsessed with! You basically get a card and then go up to whatever counter you want (pizza, pasta, panini, bar, etc.) and order whatever you want and they add it to your card. Then when you leave you give them your card at the front counter and pay. 
When it was first described to me it sounded great but pretty casual. However, despite the casual idea of not having a server, etc. it is still a really nice place! The decor is awesome and the food was great. Can't wait to try it again.

hanging out around the apartment in D.C. 
ML with Noor (the daughter of Fernando's coworker who he shared the apartment with)

Exploring D.C.
 During the first weekend we were there we took advantage of Fernando being off and did some exploring with the Towers! It was coooooooold! 

see our shadows!?
We had to do the typical touristy things since this was my first time in D.C! 
Lucia and I stayed for the week while Fernando attended another week of the course. During the day while he was busy we did a variety of things. Some days we hung out around the apartment and others we met up with Ashley to hang out and do some exploring in the city. Morning sickness was just beginning for me so some of the days I was feeling better than others. Luckily we grabbed some Zofran  (aka first trimester lifesaver) before leaving NC so I had that in case I started feeling nauseated.

The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception  
This is hands down the most phenomenal, beautiful church I have ever stepped foot into. I couldn't believe my eyes! I can't believe people that live in the area and Catholic U students get to attend Mass there on a regular basis! My quickly snapped phone photos don't even kind of do this amazing place justice! 
We stopped at the Basilica on Friday the 22nd on our way back to NC. We wanted to head back to NC and be able to have the whole weekend to enjoy before Fernando needed to head back for his last week of the course. 

Birthday breakfast (not pictured- donuts)
My birthday fell on a Saturday this year and it was so nice to be home as a family for it! After lots of traveling and being exhausted from pregnancy, it was great to be HOME! Fernando went and got breakfast from one of my favorite places, Rise Biscuit and Donuts. We ate chicken biscuits, donuts and freshly squeezed OJ! 
I can't really remember what we did the rest of the day. I think we were so tired we just stayed in a rested most of the day. Lucia was happy to be back to her crib! We are forever grateful she is such a great napper/sleeper! 

Anyway, on Sunday night Fernando had to head back North. He had a Fellowship interview the next day at UVA and the rest of the week he was in D.C. to finish up his course. It was a long week for Lucia and I to be home alone, but we survived! 

some phone pics from February 

Lucia trying to get away from me tickling her.