Tuesday, September 10, 2013

March {2013}

a beautiful march morning sun
Maria Lucia "signing" a (belated) St. Valentine's Day card to send to her Tia in Africa!
Fernando after his Fellowship interview at UNC 
preferred sleeping position for a few weeks- face down in her crib...this couldn't have been comfortable 
my grocery shopping buddy
on her tippy toes looking at something in the backyard
This dessert right here has quite the story behind it.
On our way to Greenville, SC we took a ONE HOUR detour for some Pinkberry. There are Pinkberrys (or would it be Pinkberries?) all over in CA and the only time I can get it is when I visit home. The closest one to us is in Charlotte, NC and since we were driving through Charlotte to get to Greenville, I figured- let's stop! I didn't realize it was SO far off our path and between driving to it, stopping to eat it and feed Lucia and then driving back on our way, the whole detour took an hour (or more)! What a patient husband I have!
St. Mary's Catholic Church
Now on to Greenville! Have you ever known you want to live somewhere before even going there?! Well that is how we felt about Greenville, SC! We had never visited Greenville (or really known anyone who has lived there) but we have heard great things about it, namely St. Mary's Parish.
Fernando had Holy Week off so we decided to take the first few days of the week and make the trip to SC. We made it back in time to be home at our parish for the Easter Triduum. We booked a cheap hotel which actually ended up being really nice and made the trip down with no plans! Those are the best kinds of trips. 
Exploring around Greenville.
It was pretty cold so we had Lucia bundled up!
We ate at a bunch of yummy restaurants with different cuisines including Greek, Mexican and southern BBQ.  
We enjoyed walking through Falls Park. There were lots of cute shops and restaurants around too. One of our favorite parts of downtown Greenville. 
On our way back home we stopped twice, once for all things peach at Abbott Farms and a second time in Charlotte for lunch. The peach bread, peach butter and peach cider were all very delicious! The stop in Charlotte was great since this time we just went to downtown Charlotte instead making another ridiculous detour. We walked around downtown and stopped at a few different places before finally deciding on Fuel Pizza. It was a cute pizza place set up like an old fashioned gas station. 
Although not great quality and taken with my phone, these are the ONLY pictures we got of Lucia's first Easter! The dress was courtesy of my parents! 
My family! Although we did not get to spend Easter with them, they sent a picture of everyone after Mass on Easter Sunday. I miss them so much, but technology these days (between picture/video messaging and facetime) really does help us feel like they aren't THAT far away... 
(Future) Sister Maria 
random phone shots I snapped in March

and now for some random videos: 

trying to get her to say "mama."