Friday, November 08, 2013

Maria Lucia's First Birthday!

Maria Lucia turned ONE on April 18th of this year and although very belated, here are some pictures from that special day! My mom came into town the night before Maria Lucia's birthday visit and celebrate with us. The birthday party was just us, my mom and Fernando's parents. We had dinner (Raclette) out on our back deck and it was a beautiful evening! 

We are so blessed to have this precious girl in our lives. She makes us so happy and we could not imagine life without her! We cannot believe a year (well more than that now) has already gone by! We love you Maria Lucia! 

The birthday girl playing with the awesome blocks her Tia Laura sent! Thanks again, Tia! 
taking some of her first steps on her birthday!
Beautiful birthday dress courtesy of Nonna and headband courtesy of Grandma 
smiling at her papa making faces at her outside

the spread of bread, meat, veggies and cheese ready to be cooked

the birthday girl and her cake
cake courtesy of Nonna!
singing to the birthday girl
that was inevitable 
eating the marshmallow bunny
and the cake 
do I have something on my face?

(15.5 weeks pregnant here)

opening some presents- fake food  and a tea set (from Baca and Uncle Chico and Auntie Lorin) to go with the kitchen that grandpa and grandma got her!  

and an apron too of course 

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

April {2013}

Things I don't want to forget about April... 

Having the Tower girls visit
 We had a great girls' day including lunch and shopping! 
Beautiful Carolina Spring walks with doting grandparents to carry Lucia while I push an empty stroller... 
spending time with my amazing in-laws while Fernando was out of town for work
Lucia LOVES her Nonno!
sneaking in and watching her sleep 
saying goodbye to Fernando before her left for his Johns Hopkins Fellowhship interview
(15 weeks pregnant here)

walking with help 
this adorable thing drinking out of a straw for the first time
two days before her first birthday
picking up grandma from the airport
she flew in the night before ML's first birthday 
ML opening her first gift
a birthday shirt from "Tia" that she sent even though she was in Africa.
THANK you Tia Laura! 
those eyes 
our baby girl turning ONE! (that post here)
outgrowing this bouncy seat
beautiful April Sunday mornings
(16 weeks pregnant here)
delicious meals prepared by my mom
this one can be found here (I would highly recommend it!) 
learning to walk!
this girl finally drinking whole milk
No more nursing or formula for this girl!
I wanted her to keep nursing, but right at a year she decided she was done!    
ML watching her papa do mow the lawn
She watched him the whole time saying, "papa papa papa"
my 12 month old!
putting everything in her mouth, per usual
spending time with grandma before she has to go back to CA
baby kisses
Grandma waited her WHOLE trip to get Lucia to kiss her and just as she was saying goodbye before we took her to the airport, Lucia voluntarily gave her a big smooch! Grandma was SO happy!
some phone pics from April
Lucia walking for the first time (with the help of the balloon string).