Sunday, December 28, 2014

Pío pío pío!

Lucia's latest obsession has been this song... 

and here she is singing it almost word for word:

Los pollitos dicen
Pío, pío, pío
Cuando tienen hambre
Cuando tienen frío
La gallina busca
El maiz y el trigo
Les da la comida
Y les presta abrigo

Bajo sus dos alas
Duerman sus pollitos
Hasta el otro día

grandma time!

My mom came to visit for about a week in October for Regina's birthday. And since she hadn't come to visit since April, she was definitely due for one! Although once I found out she was only coming for a week, I told her "never again!" I'm putting a week and a half minimum on all future trips.  

Rise Biscuits and Donuts kitchen area for the kids
The girls love playing in the kitchen and we love eating donuts while they do. 
In the same shopping center is Target, so that was obviously our next stop.
Since grandma was with us the girls were spoiled to a cart each, all to themselves. 

Regina had her one year checkup!                                grandma kisses at Foster's Market

My mom and I snuck away one afternoon for happy hour at Ruth's Chris. 
My mom has been telling me for awhile now how amazing the Ruth's Chris happy hour is, so finally we got to try it out together! Although the food was mostly what she was referring to and we were about to go have dinner so we just ordered drinks. I guess I'll have to go back and try the food another time! 
During my mom's visit we also went to the Marbles Kids Museum with the girls. This was our second time going. Lucia definitely got even more out of it this time than she did the first time! This picture of us is from a little outdoor water area they have, the rest of the exhibits are indoors. 
Taking a picture to send to Uncle Chico and Auntie Lo to thank them for the dress they sent G for her birthday!
                                I want her arms when I grow up. Or now. Now would be good. 

Friday, December 26, 2014


In October we enjoyed beautiful weather, all the seasonal favorites (everything apple, pumpkin and butternut squash) and a visit from my mom! 

 Apples sautéed in butter with a little cinnamon and sugar and put on top of pumpkin french toast. 

 I love her sleeping position and sneaking in on her during her naps. 

 Picnic with friends

 We enjoyed many days at the park with the perfect NC october weather.
matchy matchy sister- my favorite thing ever

 A day of hunting down a fur vest for Regina to match Lucia's (and hitting up every Target in the triangle to do so, almost) and chick-fil-a. 
 patiently waiting for muffins to be done

 The NC state fair
 The girls getting their silhouettes done for Christmas gifts for the grandparents (both sets). The one in the top left isn't of either of the girls, its just a sample of his work.
We were ready for Mass early one Sunday so I grabbed the camera to take some pics of the girls. Unfortunately I still haven't figured out how to actually USE my nice camera indoors.. Any pic I take with the flash on the girls are blinking and any I take with no flash doesn't turn out. One day... 

 Lucia singing the ABC's to G

All Hallows Eve! 
Our parish does a procession with all the kids in their costumes. In previous years Lucia was too young to walk in the procession and understand what is going on so I was lazy and didn't make her a costume. 
This year at the very last minute my amazing mother-in-law made this white coat for ML so she could be Saint Gianna Beretta Molla. She loved dressing up as St. Gianna and getting to wear her outfit/doctor gear to Mass. It was so fun to see her participate in the procession and see all the other kids dressed up as Saints as well. 
After Mass there were games and lots of candy and treats for the kids. So even though she didn't get to go trick-or-treating she definitely did not miss out!   

How many times can you celebrate a first birthday?

On Regina's first birthday during the day we did THIS and at night we did THIS. However none of this included my mom who was coming all the way here for Regina's birthday! She couldn't make it on the 11th since that is also my brother Chico's birthday. Lorin (Chico's wife) was throwing him a huge 30th birthday party that my mom didn't want to miss. So my mom came a few days later. 

So naturally when my mom got here we had to celebrate the ONE year old birthday girl once again. (Although ironically we didn't actually get any pictures with my mom during this celebration for some reason.)
This celebration was with Fernando's parents, us and my mom (Laura had to work!) 

Finally some pictures with our one year old, even if she is sticking out her tongue! 

Trying to get a good picture with these two is basically impossible. 

Lucia's "CHEESE" face

Pineapple pie that Regina thoroughly enjoyed! 

Regina saying "mas mas mas" which sounds more like "ma ma ma." 
Mas is spanish means "more."

A few days after Regina birthday I took some photos to recreate some we took on Maria Lucia's first birthday

And after many, many failed attempts to get our last comparison pic for this post, we finally got a mediocre one. 

Monday, December 22, 2014

Oct 11th

As I mentioned here, Fernando had to work on Regina's birthday. We weren't sure what time he would be off so we didn't want to plan Regina's birthday celebration and then have him show up after she had already gone to bed. 
We did however have a birthday dinner planned that night for Laura (who has a birthday a few days before Regina). Fernando was luckily able to get off work at a reasonable time and make it for opening presents, dinner and dessert! 
Although we said we were going to wait to celebrate Regina's birthday on another night, since Fernando made it home earlier than expected, she ended up opening her presents and blowing out her candle (on a cake that her and Laura shared) on her actual birthday. 

All of that information was boring and useful to exactly no one except my future self that will be looking back and reading posts about Regina's first birthday and wondering... why wasn't she wearing a party dress? Why aren't there any pictures of me with Regina on her birthday? Well the answers are: We didn't know if Fernando would be home before Regina went to sleep or not and we didn't want to celebrate without him. And I was a sneezing/runny eyed/sick/no makeuped mess that evening so for all vain reasons I did not feel like being in any pictures. 

Moving on to cuter/far more interesting things:

The birthday girls!

 The CAKE! 
It was a dessert called "Torta Chilena" which is pastry layered with dulce de leche. It's a famous Costa Rican dessert that I had never had before. It was delicious! 

 Tia's turn to blow out her candles!

 Dinner was so fantastic I can't even describe it. The meat was the best i've ever had! We had it with mashed potatoes, roasted asparagus and topped the meat with an onion mushroom concoction. I could probably eat this meal every day for the rest of my life and not get sick of it. It was THAT good!