Thursday, January 30, 2014

August {2013}

the first picture I took on our real camera since it was "fixed"
sooooo I thought our camera was broken because the auto focus was not working anymore. I guess it just accidentally got switched from auto to manual and all it took was the flip of a switch to change it back.
I pulled out my camera to take a picture when my Aunt Terry and Uncle Joel were visiting and I complained about the focus problem telling them my camera was broken and I would need to take it somewhere to get it fixed and who KNOWS how much that would cost and yada yada yada. They looked at me laughing and explained what had happened. We found the switch and tada! it was fixed. won't be making that mistake again! Did I meant ion I know pretty much nothing about cameras? 
{30.5 weeks pregnant here} 

my view of both my girls
when my Aunt Terry was here she took ML to pick out her first baby doll
going through things she shouldn't be going through, as usual
camera cases are infinitely more fun than toys

playing with my makeup
what it takes to be able to get my makeup done!
(horrible quality, but the only one is snapped!)
our friends the Pillions who moved up to VA awhile back came into town on their way to the beach so we met up with them for dinner at a place called Carolina Brewery. Here Fernando is holding their daughter Gianna and ML and their oldest son Joseph is standing next to them. Their middle son Luke is not in the picture.
They have also been mentioned on the blog here for Ginna's baptism (Fernando is her Godfather) and here when we saw them in VA. 
The second weekend in August Fernando and Sean had a review course called the Duke Review Course for the Radiology Boards that they would be taking a little over a month later. The Towers came and stayed with us for one night and then stayed in a hotel the rest of the week. Ashley and I had fun cooking together, swimming, shopping, taking the girls to the park and going out to eat. The girls had a great time playing and it made for an exciting week!   
In the top left hand corner Fernando is standing near a plant called "Sensitive Fern"

Since Saturdays off are few and far between (Fernando is usually moonlighting) we decided to take advantage and go explore our own area a little bit. We picked the NC Botanical Gardens for our day trip and packed this salad for a picnic lunch. I also bought shoestring potatoes and individual Martinelli's sparkling apple ciders. I figured if the gardens were a bust at least our picnic would be delicious! The gardens weren't that great but we had a nice time walking around. I think I was just comparing them to the Duke Gardens in my head and they just don't compare! 
At Lake Wheeler Park for a Costa Rican festival called Fiesta de la Paz. After Mass on the last Sunday in August we went with Laura to a Costa Rican festival. We had never been to Lake Wheeler so this was a great opportunity to explore it! The festival was fin with loud music (thus Fernando covering ML's ears) and delicious typical Costa Rican food and drinks. 
{34.5 weeks pregnant here} 
visiting papa at his second home 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

July {2013}

I spent the morning of July 4th making festive toast and decorating cookies for a party later that day 

bad quality but the only one I got of them on the 4th of July!
we went to our friend's Ana and Juan Enrique's house for a 4th of July afternoon bbq
my dear friend/neighbor Emily and her daughter Alice.
after the bbq we came home and watched fireworks in front of our neighbor's house
{I am 26 weeks pregnant here}

my mother-in-law's birthday is in July so we had a dinner at our house to celebrate! I made chips and salsa, these chicken enchiladas with this rice, black beans and these margarita cupcakes with tequila lime buttercream frosting for dessert.  
my parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary in August but they went a bit early to Hawaii to celebrate. Neither of them had ever been to Hawaii and they rarely travel so this was a big deal! They went all out and even visited two islands, Maui and Kauai. Kauai ended up being there favorite and they loved it so much that during their trip they were already planning their next trip there! 
At ML's 15 month checkup- I am almost 29 weeks pregnant here 
we got this table when we were first married for 20 bucks from a resident that was moving and wanting to get rid of it. it certainly wasn't ideal but it worked for this space for the time being. because my "nesting" started kicking in and we needed to figure out what to do about a nursery, we finally decided to change (almost) every room in our house around.
The office/guest room that was upstairs was moved downstairs into our formal dining room, our formal dining room table was moved into this space and this table was given away (thank goodness!). Then ML's room moved into the old office/guest room and ML's old room became the baby's nursery. It was a lot of work but we are really happy with the changes! The girls will eventually end up sharing a room when they are older, but for now we thought it would be best for them to have their own rooms. 
My mom's sister, my aunt Terry came to visit at the very end of July/beginning of August. Her and my Uncle Joel came for one night on the way back down to Florida from being in the north east. They took ML and I out to dinner (Fernando was working late) and we had a great time visiting!

Not pictured in July:
1. Fernando's beginning of the year Radiology picnic to kick off his last year of residency!
2. "Fridays on the front porch" at the Carolina Inn. A local hotel has blue grass concerts on their front porch on fridays over the summer. Some of the residents get together and go a few fridays and it is very kid friendly (although hot since it's outside!) so we grab chipotle for dinner and have a beer on the front porch!
3. My little brother, Jake went to World Youth Day in Brazil! He had a wonderful time and had some great stories to tell about the experience.  
a video we made for papa. her ramblings are too much! 

June {2013}

ML helping mama sweep
we went to a Greek festival at a local Greek Orthodox church. it was so fun and the food was so delicious that we went twice in one weekend! 
Our second wedding anniversary spent with Fernando's parents
(22 weeks pregnant here)
before leaving to celebrate our anniversary
we celebrated our anniversary just the two of us by going out to dinner and a show. Fernando planned the night so it was all a total surprise to me. He even "booked" his parents to babysit months in advance to make sure they would be free that night to watch ML.
First we went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant downtown called Dos Perros. It was our first time there and we both thought it was delicious! After dinner we went to the Durham Performing Arts Center (the DPAC) for a show. 
{the show and some anniversary flowers}
Fernando didn't want me to know who we were seeing until he walked on stage but I found out a little before the show started that we were seeing Kevin James! I was so excited! The show did not disappoint! He was hilarious! 
our friends Ana and Juan Enrique have a community pool that looks like an amusement park. it's unbelievable! ML and I joined Ana and their son Francisco one day in June and just as we were packing up to leave, the craziest storm blew in! We got out just in time. 

drinking water with papa at the hospital cafeteria
Father's Day!
I may or may not have dressed us all in coral on purpose, you'll never know. 
Match Day!
Fernando matched for Fellowship at Duke for Neuroradiology! This was a great day for so many reasons! I knew ahead of time that we would find out at noon where he matched for Fellowship so I dropped ML off with Nonna and Nonno and met up with him just before noon.
Two things were out of the norm for Fernando that day- 1. he was working in another location near the hospital and not at the hospital like usual and 2. his noon conference was cancelled. These two things were a crazy coincidence since he rarely works at that other location and he almost always has noon conference (like it's canceled maybe 10 times all year!). So with these two things working in our favor not only did I get to meet up with Fernando and find out where we matched, but we got to go out to lunch after to celebrate! Where he was working had one of our favorite Italian restaurants (Piola) across the parking lot so we walked on over and split a pizza!
We were both SO excited to find out it was Duke. I felt this crazy sense of relief when we found out! It was the strangest feeling since I didn't even know that I was anxious about it. One of the reasons we were both relieved was that this means we won't have to move for his one year of fellowship!  

ML with Nonno- a picture Nonna sent Fernando and I while we were in Texas!

at the end of June we had our first trip away from Lucia! Fernando had been away from her before for work trips but this was my first time away from her since she was born, or technically since she was conceived in my womb (not to be dramatic or anything). I was pretty much a mess and cried a few times about it. We went for a long weekend so we left on a thursday afternoon and got back on Sunday evening. Since I spent most of the day on thursday with her before out flight it didn't really hit me until we were in TX on Friday that it was my first full day ever without Lucia and the first time I wouldn't change her diaper or kiss her or hold her or love on her... It wasn't that she wasn't in good hands or that I thought she would miss me too much or that I felt guilty for leaving, none of the above- I just missed her and I was emotional and a little dramatic about it.
I, of course, also enjoyed the trip and had a great time with my husband!
The reason for our trip to San Antonio, TX! The wedding of Matthew and Renee Toups! Matt is a long time friend of Fernando's. They were both Physics undergrads at Duke and have been best friends ever since. Matt was the best man in our wedding and Fernando was a groomsman in his!  
more wedding fun
being reunited with our sweet girl
she didn't ask for either of us once the whole time we were gone BUT you I wish I had a video of her face when she saw us walk through the door! the excitement on her face was unbelievable! I was definetely crying like a baby.  
other events that happened in June with no picture documentation:
1. Laura returned from Malawi Africa after being gone for a whole year! (besides her trip home at Christmas)
2. Fernando had an end of the year party for the Radiology department which marked the end of this 3rd year and the beginning of this 4th and final year of Radiology! 
3. I got in a car accident in the parking lot of chick-fil-a. It was not my fault and the damage was minimal but it was still a pain to have to deal with the insurance company, getting the car repaired, etc.   

and ML signing "all done"
we are such first time parents

Monday, January 27, 2014

Colonial Williamsburg {May 2013}

In May of last year we took a trip while Jake was visiting to Colonial Williamsburg. We had a great time exploring the area. It was my first time to Colonial Williamsburg and it was Jake's first time to Virginia.

We gave Lucia her bunny and pacifier since we left for VA at her bedtime, yet it still took her hours to fall asleep. This was at our stop for dinner at Bojangles.  

running around the visitors center

after Mass on Sunday 

the three(four) of us after Mass
21 weeks pregnant here

festive for memorial day

a huge table in one of the old homes we toured while in Colonial Williamsburg that sat about 12 people
I want one!

our favorite meal the whole trip! King's Arms Tavern

we came for the peanut soup.
except jake, he got some kind of chowder. 
they tell you to wear your napkins like this
this food was fantastic

funny faces from these two
the place we were staying had a mini golf course outside of our room (as well as a movie theater, an arcade, pools, a bar and karaoke).   
Exploring Historic Jamestowne with Fernando and Jake
standing by our states.
Fernando with Montata, us with North Carolina and Jake and I with California.
the ships in Jamestowne
we went to a town mock trial at the courthouse and Fernando and Jake both volunteered to be part of it
the guys, a little too happy to be in the stocks

exploring Historic Yorktown
we ate a delicious dinner at the Riverwalk Restaurant 

the only picture we have of all of us
What difference will you make? 
'til next time Williamsburg!