Thursday, February 20, 2014

Regina Victoria {first few days}

The very first picture of Regina- my mom snapped it right after she was born and they handed her to me
right before Fernando cut the umbilical cord 
first picture with our daughter
proud papa

probably picking out a name :) 
we sent my family this picture and my dad's response was: Fernando looks as fresh as a daisy!
getting her foot print taken
meeting Tia Laura 

Maria Lucia meeting her sister for the first time
Nonno and Nonna with their grand daughters
first picture as a family of 4
unfortunately these were the best we got

the grandmas
before bath & after bath
so content

going home the next day!
ready to head home
my 41 week appointment that I never made it to because I was busy snuggling my 4 hr old baby ;) 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Regina Victoria {Birth Story}

 The only time I could NOT go into labor was when Fernando was in Chicago taking his Radiology board exam on September 30th & October 1st. My due date was October 6th so as you can imagine, we were nervous! Thanks be to God Regina waited until he got home.. and then some.

We waited for the midwives to check to see if I was dialted until after Fernando got home from Chicago. When they checked me on Friday October 4th I was 3-4cm dilated. This gave us a little false hope that I would go into labor that night since when I was checked for the first time with Lucia I was 0cm the morning they checked and I ended up going into labor that night. So we waited almost a week before real labor started...

On Thursday night (October 10th) I had some fairly strong contractions that were strong enough and close enough together to time. Eventually, around midnight, I had Fernando start a bath for me so I could labor in the bath and also to see if the contractions would go away. At this point the contractions seemed to be getting closer together and worse however once I got in the bath they eventually slowed down. Around 1am or so we got back in bed and tried to get some sleep. I would still wake up every time a contraction would come and time it on my phone and then fall back to sleep until the next one- and that continued all night.

When I woke up in the morning I looked back on the contractions I had and the longest break I got was about 40 minutes. Considering the closest they were was only about 20 minutes apart, I figured it was false labor. Although since I was already 5 days past my due date at this point I knew I had to go into labor sometime soon, but that morning I wasn't necessarily convinced it would be that day.

Fernando got up and instead of getting up with him and making his breakfast & packing his lunch like usual, my mom did those things for me so I could rest. (life saver!) She also got Maria Lucia when she woke up and fed her breakfast as well. She came to check on me and offered some food but mostly she kept ML downstairs so I could labor in peace. At this point I was still having contractions (about 10 minutes apart) but they weren't close enough together to call the midwives and ask if we should go to the hospital.

Around 10am the contractions started picking up. I got in the shower at this point to help distract me from the pain. It was clear that I was definitely going into labor so my mom paged Fernando and he said to page the midwives. My mom paged them and they said to head on in. In the meantime Maria Lucia would stand on one side of the shower curtain and open it and laugh and then run to the other side and open it and laugh, and then repeat. My mom was busy packing last minute things and calling Nonna to come pick up Lucia. During the shower my contractions went from being about 10 minutes apart to being 5 to 6 minutes apart within a few contractions. It was clear things were picking very quickly and we needed to get to the hospital NOW.

Nonna grabbed Lucia, we said goodbye, and then we headed out the door quickly after. We pulled up to the hospital around 11:10 just as my worst contraction yet hit, like a ton of bricks. I opened the door but then couldn't get out of the car until it was over. Fernando was standing there waiting for us since we had told him we were on our way in. Fernando works in the basement of the women's hospital so all he had to do was take the elevator up to the lobby, grab me and take me up to labor & delivery. My mom went and parked the car and met us upstairs.

Luckily they took me upstairs in a wheel chair since there was no way I was walking anywhere at that point. I had a feeling I was fairly far along in the labor process but when they checked me in triage, I couldn't believe I was at 9cm!! Once we got set up in our delivery room I only labored about 20 more minutes before I felt like I needed to push! It all happened SO fast!

I can't remember exactly how long or how many pushes but at 12:12pm on October 11, 2013 Regina Victoria was born!

I think I pushed about 20-30 minutes which was MUCH better than the 3.5 hours it took to push Maria Lucia out.
The first thing I noticed was that she had a ton of dark hair!! They handed her to me and I couldn't believe I had another daughter in my arms! We knew we were having a girl but there is something about being pregnant that doesn't feel 100% real until that baby is in your arms! We were so blessed that she was healthy and perfect! We couldn't take our eyes off her!

It was so special to have my mom there to help and experience the whole thing. And also so crazy because 29 years ago to the day my mom was in labor and had her first baby (my brother Chico)! It is awesome that my daughter and brother have the same birthdays!

Regina Victoria's birth announcement:

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

last day as an only child

On Maria Lucia's last day as an only child my mom and I took her outside to run around and take some pictures. It is so strange to think back on that day because I almost can't remember what it was like before Regina was born... to just have one! 

don't mind my old pilly jacket and stain on my shirt 

Sunday, February 09, 2014

October {2013} (part 2)

my first day by myself with both girls and we went to our neighbors house to play on their swings. Regina was 10 days old and I wore her in a Moby wrap while pushing ML. At the time it was a big deal to leave the house with them both, even if we were just walking across the street!
She's got 2 dimples although you can't see both in this picture
ML's 18 month and Gina's 2 week checkups
1. "Baby"
2. "Eyes"
3. "Boca"
Yes, Lucia- you're right 

Regina's first bath- big sister got about a million pictures taken during her first bath- this girl got ONE.
ready for Mass one Sunday
after Mass

Sunday afternoon naps
napping in her basinet downstairs
my first time running errands solo- target was our destination, where else? I was surprised by all the looks I got pushing around the stroller! I guess it will be hard to go unnoticed from now on...
Because of hand-me-downs from ML I haven't purchased many clothes for Regina which is great, however I do love picking out girl clothes so when I saw these adorable pjs at target I just had to get them! 
filling papa's hands with rocks because... its fun 
G in one of my favorite pjs- they say LITTLE SISTER (another one I just couldn't help myself from purchasing!)
some random pictures from the month of October