Saturday, March 29, 2014

December {2013}

the end of 2013

My Aunt Sylvia graciously added us on to her Sam's club membership! Here is ML with a sample of chocolate covered blueberries. She always sits calmly with the sample (left pinky never touching!) for awhile before deciding to try it.
ohhhh Rebekah. Rebekah and I have met only 4 times in our lives and each time has been at Target! The first time we met was in the trash can isle where she asked me my opinion on a trashcan she was picking out. We have seen each other 3 times since then (at Target, of course) and we always end up having deep discussions about faith/family/life right in the middle of the store.
We asked a random girl to take a picture of us. Since I was only 5 weeks postpartum I told her I was self conscious so she jumped in front on me with this stance for the picture. She's awesome.  
One weekend in December we went to see Scott Hahn speak. He talked about scripture and his talks were based on books he has written. Fernando's parents walked ML so we were able to go to the talks with just Regina. 
Unfortunately I didn't get to sending out Christmas cards last year but I did find this one that I sent out our first year of marriage. It says:
Merry Christmas! May the child Jesus be
born anew in your hearts each day!
Fernando and Rachel Boschini
Regina at 2 months! 

Getting a pot put on his head by ML while holding the baby and drinking his morning coffee. He's a multitasker! 
Fernando's last work Christmas party as a Resident! That chocolate fountain was amazing and those Key Lime Pie tartlets were phenomenal. 
I love the after eating content face 

These are our good friends Nick and Emily. Their baby Genevieve was born 3 weeks after Regina. We went to Genevieve's baptism and enjoyed meeting more of their extended family and welcoming Genevieve into the Catholic church!
(stolen from Emily's Facebook)
low quality phone shot of the 4 of us at Genevieve's baptism reception
We had an early Christmas in NC before leaving for CA. Since none of us were going to be in town for Christmas, we decided not to get a tree, however Nonna and Laura made one from all the presents!  
visiting Fernando at the Starbucks in the hospital 

post call nap
ML face timing with my parents and saying "cheers" with her milk
This is the only way I had time to pack all of us for the CA trip! ML got into all of my stuff and then took my foot stool apart completely. 
We went to CA for a week for Christmas
post here

ML eating her first PB&J. I folded one piece of bread in half and gave her a half sandwich and she opened it up and licked out the jelly. 
Sometimes on Sundays we like to go out to eat after Mass and explore different areas of the triangle we have never been to. This time we went to Crooks Corner in Chapel Hill. We will definitely be going back! The food was fantastic! 
Maria Lucia has been SO helpful (in the little ways she can be) since Regina was born. She, often without me asking, will pick up a dirty diaper I just changed and go throw it in the garbage.  
some random pics from our phones
a picture of me holding my younger cousin, Amber
check out those Shark hammer pants
ML genuflecting and saying "amen"
we have never taught her to do this, she must have picked it up from seeing us do this at church

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Thanksgiving 2013 {New York}

We spent Thanksgiving break taking a road trip to New York with a 19 month old and a 6 week old. This trip was planned long before Regina was born (before I was even pregnant with her actually). I was a little worried since this would be our first time traveling as a family of four. The whole trip ended up being smooth and not nearly as stressful as it could have been. It definetely helped that Regina proved to be a champion traveler and only woke up to eat and get her diaper change and then went right back to sleep. 

We went to New York to visit Fernando's cousin Hilda and her family. Fernando's parents and sister met us there as well as other members of Fernando's family that came from Costa Rica. 

Since the trip from our house in NC to White Plains, NY is roughly 8 hours (NOT counting stops to eat, nurse the baby, etc- of which there are many) we decided to make the trip in two days. We stopped at our friends the Pillions who living in Sterling, VA (close to DC) and they graciously opened their home to us for our trip up AND on our trip home! We are so blessed to have such welcoming friends. They even fed us, gave us gifts for the girls and sent us on our way with plenty of road trip snacks. Thanks again, Pillions!  
both girls sleeping on the way to NY
our guest room for the 4 of us at Hilda and Javier's

Mass at the Basilica of Saint John the Evangelist in Samford, CT on Thanksgiving morning
the Boschinis on Thanksgiving 

I am forever thankful for my family! 

the cooks for the day
(I don't count though since all I did was make the pumpkin pies)

Javier acting like he knows what he's doing

Mass with the Pillions at Our Lady of Hope Catholic church in Sterling, VA for the first Sunday of Advent. 
The Pillion boys giving Lucia hugs! She loved playing with these kids. 

Gianna Pillion (Fernando's Goddaughter)
Lucia and Gianna were both looking at Regina in the bassinet.