Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Regina Victoria's turns ONE {fall festival edition}

Regina's birthday fell on a Saturday this year and unfortunately a call weekend for Fernando. So my friend Emily and I made plans to attend a Fall Festival at a local nursery called For Garden's Sake

The festival had pumpkins, a hay ride, face painting, live music, and chick-fil-a, so really what more could you ask for in a fall festival? 
Ohh ya, fire ants. There were fire ants. 

 Some shots of the birthday girl enjoying her first pumpkin experience 

 until she didn't...
It's all fun and games until you sit in a pile of fire ants. 

The POOR THING! Emily and I had no idea. She was taking some pictures of Regina (I forgot my nice camera) and then Regina started crying. I figure it was since this was her nap time and she was hungry. After watching her do her dramatic bottom lip quiver I walked over and picked her up. 

As I grabbed her my left arm scooped right under her cute little butt and I immediately felt FIRE! Well, fire ant bites! I pulled my arm away and realized they were ALL over my arm and all over her diaper. 

Luckily Emily thought fast and came over to help me take all of Regina's clothes off. We got them all off and I am so thankful Regina only got a few on her legs. I have about 12 total on my arm and she has 3 or 4. 

Even though she was sitting in them they were mostly on her diaper and they didn't get really made until I irritated them. I was so happy my arm took the brunt of it. 

Thankfully she calmed down quickly and didn't/doesn't seem bothered by the little bites on her. I had to look her dress over 10 times before I felt comfortable putting it back on her. I kept thinking I had found them all and then found more! 

On to more photo ops!
How adorable is she?! And her outfit!

 Lucia's face when she is trying to not smile

Monday, October 13, 2014

Monthly Comps

Apparently "comps" is an abbreviation for "comparables" in the Real Estate world... says Fernando. A Jack of all trades, that guy (his newest thing is learning about Real Estate and reading everything about it he can get his hands on). I'll just trust him on that one and move on. 

I have seen some people do comparison shots of their kids from the same age and I LOVE the idea. Actually making the comparison collages, however took A LOT longer than I expected. I basically had to go through every picture taken of Lucia from her first year of life and every picture ever taken of Regina and separate them based on age. Then find the pictures that were most similar and make collages out of them. 
Typing it it out, it actually doesn't sound that bad, but trust me- it was! 
Definitely worth it though. 
There were some months were I just never busted out our nice camera so I don't have any good quality pictures of a child from that month. 
You can also totally tell the difference between some of Lucia's pictures (taken on the iPhone 4) and Regina's (taken on the iPhone 5...or 5s, whichever one I have). Either that of my photography has just improved over the years. Probably the former. 

There were some months I couldn't pick just one comparison so there are two!

 Z E R O months 
(just a week or two old)
 ONE month
 TWO months
 T H R E E months 
 F O U R months
 F I V E months
(another one from F I V E months)
 S I X months 
 S E V E N months 
(another one from S E V E N months)
 E I G H T months
 N I N E months
(another one from N I N E months)
 T E N months
E L E V E N months

T W E L V E months


In September we enjoyed... 
Pullen Park, again.
Playing in the kitchen
Regina has loved playing with Lucia (and by herself when Lucia is napping) in their kitchen. It's the one my parents got Lucia for her first birthday. 
Regina's favorite thing to do is take every single thing out of the kitchen, then I put it all back, repeat.  

Sam's club runs
Lucia gets a million complements on those shoes every time we leave the house. 
Our last trip to the pool for the season
Maria Lucia is obsessed with chapstick. She has two and likes to carry them both around at all times and apply them every couple minutes (no exaggeration).
Date NIGHT!! 
One of our favorite restaurants in Durham- The Little Dipper- Fondue on Main
In our opinion it is more reasonably priced and much cuter than The Melting Pot. 
trying on my rain boots in our dirty closet.
(Fernando's side is spotless per usual, it's my side that is a mess.)
walking and shoes for G! 
She started walking and is wearing shoes now. She still falls a lot but she is slowly getting the hang of it. 
Lucia didn't start walking until her first birthday and then caught on fairly quickly. Regina however started walking a few weeks earlier and now right around her first birthday she seems to be getting the hang of it. She's walking about 70% of the time and crawling 30%. 
I love baking all the time but I definitely bake more often in the fall/winter months.
our first family dinner at my in-laws
They just moved in to their new place and hosted us for a delicious Italian dinner. Love these sibling doctors in their scrubs. 
Working on Lucia's room
It has only taken two and a half years but I am FINALLY getting Lucia's room put together. The picture in the left was from when I sewed her crib sheet and the print on the right needs to be put in a frame. I am loving the colors and how it is turning out. 
More date nights! 
We are so spoiled to have my in-laws in town and willing to babysit every Thursday (and whenever else we ask!) for us to go on a date. We got a gift card to Nana's a long time ago for a large sum of money and we finally got around to using it this summer! It took us FOUR trips but we finally used the whole thing. 
The desserts were fantastic and the drink on the right was a "Nana's Naughty Hot Chocolate Coffee." Fernando definitely out-ordered me which is saying a lot since I got champagne. The hot chocolate had a blend of Godiva, Bailey's, Southern Comfort and Frangelico.  
Our first Goddaughter! 
Fernando has two Goddaughters but this is our first together!
Her name is Ana Victoria Cervantes. She is our friends Dan and Mary's 3rd baby girl! 
She was born September 9th and was baptized September 27th. We unfortunately couldn't make it to the baptism but we hope to make it out to Arkansas to meet her sometime soon!
car naps, the best! 
or the worst if they ruin real naps. 

Maria Lucia started to be able to buckle herself in! Although it seems like such little thing, it has been  such a big help! She can't open the car door yet, but she can get up in the car, climb into her carseat and buckle herself in! 

Here is Lucia copying me working out. I did Insanity for a short while (a VERY short while) and she would watch me workout and try to "workout" alongside me. I loved it! It's amazing the things they can and do pick up on when you expose them to it!
This is the workout she was trying to do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMjcTX_SxCs