Monday, March 30, 2015

A St. Valentine's Day to remember...

St. Valentine's Day fell on a Saturday and since my mom had to leave very early Sunday morning we all planned to go to Mass on Saturday night. We headed to Nonno and Nonna's once the girls woke up from their naps and visited for awhile before it was time to leave for Mass. 
We took some pictures... 

Then when there was about 10 minutes before we needed to head out the door for Mass, Laura and her boyfriend Svet arrived... 

We had expected them to come since we were all planning on going to Mass together but what we didn't expect was....

 AHHHH!! Isn't this ring stunning?!

After Mass we came back to Nonno and Nonna's and enjoyed a delicious dinner of lasagna, salad, bread, wine, dessert and champagne!
Nonna prepared the amazing meal, as always!

St. Valentine's Day heart banner and Decorated Sugar Cookies

Since we got married I haven't been great about buying holiday decorations. The only Holiday we actually have decorations for is Christmas and that's only because most of them were given to us before or after we were married. 
I do plan on getting a better collection of decorations for other Holidays (Easter is my first priority!) but I figured I'd start with some small DIY projects to spruce up the place. 

For St. Valentine's Day I made a little heart banner and I just love how it turned out! I will say it was much cuter in person! I couldn't get great pictures of it.
This banner is super simple: made with baker's twine, some hearts cut out in different sizes from scrap paper (preferably card stock) and some adorable mini clothespins that I had been looking for a reason to use! (clothespins via target dollar section-my favorite section in target!) 

making sugar cookies with grandma
(note the little blue piece of paper on the cabinet above Lucia's head, it was her Valentine to me!) 

When my mom was visiting we made and decorated sugar cookies for St. Valentine's Day. It was fun at first and then we got pretty lazy with our decorating (it was late and we were tired). 
We looked on Pinterest for inspiration which mostly just made us depressed that our cookies will NEVER look this good
One of my personal faves ;) 
My Valentine to Fernando... 
labeled "my peach" possibly because I'm sappy like that but mostly because this is the card I used- Sweet as Peach! I love Southern sayings. 
Some of our faves from the bunch! 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Grandma's February trip

Every time grandma comes it's special! The girls loves spending time with her and it is much better to have her here in person than on the iPad! ;) 
Growing up being long distance from their cousins and grandparents isn't fun for the girls (or me!) but it's technology and trips like these that keep us going! 
After much deliberation we finally picked a week that worked for both of our schedules and she booked a flight for early February. 
She came on a Saturday afternoon that ended up being a call weekend for Fernando, so that worked out great. I love having visitors when Fernando is working a lot! 
With the girls at Enzo's Pizza!
On Saturday afternoon we picked her up from the airport and headed over to Duke. Fernando was on-call but said he would be able to meet us for dinner. Enzo's is right by Duke and we had been wanting to try it out anyway so that worked out perfect. 
On Sunday Fernando had to work again so my mom and I went to Mass with the girls and then went to Bojangles for lunch because... where else would we go? 

Later in the day (after the girls' afternoon naps) we went to the mall to window shop and enjoy the beautiful weather! Our local mall is both indoor and outdoor which is so great on nice days! 

First stop Pottery Barn kids! They had a cute little table where you could make Valentine's. 

After some family fedora selifes we headed home to this amazingly delicious Butter Chicken that had been cooking in the crock pot all day. If you like Indian food, try it! 
Playing with grandma before leaving for donuts! 
{20 weeks pregnant here}
Fernando had the day off on Monday which was a nice break after a weekend on-call. We all headed to Rise for some donuts and coffee that morning. 
Ps. No idea why this picture looks airbrushed, I didn't mean to edit it like that. 

{Spinach salad with feta, pecans, salmon and champagne caper vinaigrette}
I had to include some food pics in this post since my mom and I talk about food all the time/enjoy cooking + baking together/plan meals we are going to make together weeks before her trips. 

We. love. food.
 Appetizers that ended up being our dinner. 

Enjoying pastries from Weaver Street Market                                                                         
(I have tried to get the above caption centered for about 30 minutes now.... I give up.)
Embarrassingly enough, it has been on my to-do list SINCE REGINA WAS BORN to get a copy of her birth certificate! I had tried to order it through the mail but for some reason had forgotten to include an important thing and they sent back my request. To get a copy of one in person it is as simple as driving to Hillsborough and picking it up. Hillsborough is really only about 30 minutes away but in my mind for some reason it seemed further than that. So when my mom was here I finally decided we were going to cross that off my to-do list! It ended up being a nice drive, we got the birth certificate in about 5 minutes and we were on our way. Weaver Street Market is just downstairs from the Register of Deeds office so we stopped down there for some pastries. We also picked up a loaf of almond pound cake to have later for dessert.  That night we had loaded baked potato soup and then the almond pound cake with strawberries and fresh whipped cream.   
One morning my mom and I went to Chick-fil-a for some {free!} coffee and hash browns. We sat just outside of the play place and watched the girls play while we sat and enjoyed coffee. We went mid-morning which is the perfect time (after breakfast rush but before lunch crowd) and the playground was empty! It was amazing since we got many minutes of uninterrupted chatting!
On "Galentine's Day" (Feb 13th) Nonna babysat so my mom and I could go out without the girls and have a morning of eating and shopping! We also celebrated my birthday since my mom would't be here for that. 
We started at Rise and then went shopping for some birthday presents. 
This was the only picture I got of that day so I'm including it even though.. I look ridiculous. 

We ended my mom's trip on Valentine's Day which fell on a saturday this year. She left super early the next morning (Sunday). 
A very special Valentine's post coming soon!

Friday, March 27, 2015

It's a L!

Since Lucia was little she has loved singing the ABCs but it wasn't until recently (maybe starting around 2.5) that she started being able to recognize each letter. Now that she's almost 3, she can sing the ABCs in Spanish and English and she can tell you what each letter is in both languages.

This little video was when we were working with flashcards that had each letter in uppercase and lowercase. I taught her to say big and little instead of uppercase and lowercase just to simplify things for now. This was totally her idea too, she found the flashcards (which we had yet to use since I purchased them months ago) and she asked if we could look at them!

My favorite part is the end where she says "It's a L!" when she realizes it's the first letter of her name!     

Thursday, March 26, 2015


IS A.....


Fernando and I found out at the end of January that we are having our third GIRL! 
Having not grown up with any sisters, I am SO happy my girls will each have TWO sisters to grow up with (and hopefully more in the future!). 
Fernando was luckily available the day I had my ultrasound and he was able to walk over and be there to find out with me! It was such a special moment, as all of them have been! And the best news is that our sweet girl is perfectly healthy! We are so happy! 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Fernando had the last week in December (which was also partially the first week in January) off work. It was nice to take some time off after Christmas, be able to ring in the New Year together and start off the year on vacation! 
We didn't make any plans to go anywhere so we could just relax at home. This ended up being perfect since Regina was sick most of the week and we had things to get done around the house anyway.  
With Nonno and Nonna being around we were able to get a few fun date nights in in the month of January. It has been such a blessing for us to have them around (in general! and) to babysit for us every Thursday so we can go on a date solo. When they are out of town we usually have to bring the girls along on date night (which really isn't that bad since they are *generally* very well behaved).
Our first date night of 2015 was so fun! We went to Ruth's Chris for happy hour and then to downtown Durham's American Tobacco campus to explore. We found twinkling lights, hammocks, fires, ice skating and random walls that used to be a downtown Durham lunch spot.  

 At the beginning of this year Lucia really became obsessed with coloring. She had enjoyed coloring before but it wasn't until Nonna taught her to use a coloring book and worked with her on coloring between the lines that she really became obsessed with it. Second only to movies, it's the thing that can hold her attention span the longest! 

 Another memorable date night was a double date we had with Laura and her boyfriend Svet. Svet treated us to a lovely evening at this amazing Greek restaurant in downtown Chapel Hill named Kipos Greek Taverna. The food was amazing and we definitely plan to go back!  
 We admittedly end up at Bojangles far too often on weekends. 
 Lucia teaching Regina how to slide down the stairs like she used to do when she was her age. 
 Absolutely genius of Old Navy to have a coloring table for the kids to keep them occupied while parents shop! 
 Their morning friendly wrestling session that involves lots of giggles and occasionally ends with some tears. 
 I don't know how the ritual started but now EVERY time Fernando puts on his belt Lucia wants to help. He bends down and lets her put the belt through each loop. It's the cutest thing ever. 
 In January we had some work done on our house and it was a bit chaotic for a few days. I underestimated how difficult it would be to keep the girls out of the worker's way (they were in every room!) but we survived and we are so happy with the result! We had some minor cracks in the walls that needed patching, some caulking in the bathrooms to be done and some things on our front and side decks that needed fixing.

 Another fun date night we had in January was an "Australia Day" party! One of Fernando's Attendings is Australian and she and her husband invited us and some of Fernando's other colleagues to their party. We all got "name tags" when we walked in that weren't our names but a word of Australian slang. Throughout the night we were supposed to figure out what ours meant and it also worked as a conversation started when looking at other people's tags. Mine was Brekkie which I knew was short for breakfast. I can't remember that word Fernando had.
Fernando and some of his Co-Fellows 
 This one is a little blurry but I just love the look on her sweet face!