Thursday, December 31, 2015

June videos

Regina counting to 10....kinda! 

She says 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 18, 9, 10
Her little voice kills me! 

I was trying to have to girls run off some energy so I had them run around the clump of bushes in the front yard. I was counting to make it fun for Lucia and Regina started running too. As I was waiting for Regina to come around the other side, I see her cut through the middle of the bushes and totally caught me off guard! Cheater! haha 


my sweet, pretty girl!

At our favorite Greek festival
the food! the dessert! the music! the atmosphere! 
the best
 she's got her purse and she's ready to go!
 my girls and their curls!
I rarely just give them ice ream and let them go for it. This particular night they sat on Tia's back deck and ate messy ice cream cones and had a ball!  
 shopping with my girls
 We had a beautiful night spent at Maple View Farms with our favorite neighbors ever, the Steffens. 
 the Steffens and the Boschinis 
 cuddles with papa
Lucia, the rock climbing pro
 At a children's museum in Chapel Hill 

  38.5 weeks 
We went to an end of the year party for Fernando at the end of his Fellowship. It was a fun night out at a restaurant we had been wanting to try anyway! It was great to be able to have a date night there and spend time with the people Fernando spent his last year of training with. 
 at our favorite Chapel Hill restaurant (Vespa!) for the last time
Our last photo as a family of 4 (at a colleague's son's birthday party)!
1 day shy of 39 weeks pregnant!

 Father's Day 2015
I didn't do a separate post for Father's day like I did for Mother's day since I only had a few pictures from this day. I can't remember why, but we went to Mass the night before, so on Sunday morning we had a lazy morning and then went to brunch at Another Broken Egg Cafe.
I wasn't in any pictures, but I turned 39 weeks pregnant that day!

 One of those moments that was so frustrating that if I didn't take a picture and laugh, I would cry. 

I was super pregnant and exhausted and Regina was giving me a run for my money. I had cleaned up this box of stickers so many times that day and this time was the last straw. 
Just after this happened Nonna texted me asking how it was going (just checking on me since I was super pregnant and due any day) and I just responded with this picture of Regina and the stickers all over the floor.


 Lucia's baptism anniversary was June 30th! We celebrated by having dinner at Tia's on the back deck with Svet, Tia, Nonno and Nonna. We had blueberry coffee cake and relit Lucia's baptismal candle.

I remember I was past my due date at that point and Lucia was very upset that the baby wasn't here yet. After Lucia blew out the candle on the cake everyone started clapping and cheering and she immediately burst into tears!  We asked her what was wrong and through sobs she said "I just want baby Elena to be here!!" (She had already decided the baby's name was Elena.) 
Turns out she just got startled by all the clapping that it scared her. The fact that the baby wasn't here yet was just the first thing that came to mind when she started crying. 
Either way it was sad and cute! 

Poor thing was so confused about my due date since once it came and went she thought the baby was supposed to be here. We just kept saying "she'll be here soon!" She would ask multiple times a day "when is baby Elena gonna be here??" 

Ana and I at a birthday party! I was past-due date pregnant here and feeling every minute of it. 

The Newsies

Growing up I loved watching the Newsies with my brothers. When Fernando and I started dating we realized that we had that in common (among about one million other things). He grew up watching the movie with his sister and when she would drive him to school when she was in high school she would play the soundtrack in the car. 
When we had only been dating a few weeks Fernando invited me to spend New Years with his family in St. Pete Beach, Fl. When I went to meet his family I brought the movie, The Newsies, with me so we could all watch it. I figured it would be something that Laura and I could bond over. ;) 

Fast forward about 5 years and for Christmas of 2014 Laura and Svet got us tickets to see the Newsies Musical! The actual date of the show wasn't until early June of 2015 so we waited 6 months with anticipation!

The show was amazing! 

Fernando worked that evening right up until we needed to leave for dinner so he came and picked me up and then we went back to Duke so he could finish up a few things. 

In the radiology department at Duke
 I very rarely get to see Fernando in his Radiology element so it's always fun for me to get a peak at how he spends his work days (and nights). 

After Fernando finished up we headed to dinner and met Laura and Svet downtown at Dos Perros (another great Durham gem).
Waiting for the show to start!

May videos

Lucia singing with Nonno
I LOVE this video!! And you can see they each have their drink on the piano, Lucia with her milk and Nonno and his beer. ;) 


Tia Laura has a beautiful pool and park in her neighborhood, just a few blocks from her house! It was so nice to be able to walk there with the girls. 
There is nothing special about this video, but it is the simple moments like these that I want to remember. 
Lucia loves running and I love hearing the pitter patter of her feet on the pavement. I hope she always has this much energy and joy about the little things. 


May was a BUSY month for us! Besides having a beautiful Mother's Day and making my first trip to Colorado/finding a house,  we also moved out of our first home (!), moved into Laura's house for about a month and enjoyed our last May in North Carolina! 
 outside of our favorite donut shop that we frequent all too often 
This was a rainy day that Fernando had off in the middle of the week, which is always a nice treat, especially during fellowship!
(you can see the rain falling in this pic if you look close)
 At our neighbor's/friend's little girl Alice's 2nd birthday party
It was a strawberry farm! So fun (and yummy;) for the kids and adults. 
 32 week pregnant belly reflection 
 One of those brunches that is SO delicious it must be documented. 
If you live near one, go. It's amazing! 
The first time we went to one was in Asheville, NC and right before we moved they opened up one in Raleigh. 
In the hallway on the way to Nonno and Nonna's apartment. She didn't want to go in for some reason so she collapsed on the floor.  
Fernando trying to get something done on the computer with Regina bugging him and Lucia spraying his hair with a spray bottle. 
This is my life every time I try to sit down to do something on the computer. Babies all over me. 
I just put Regina in Lucia's crib for a picture, BUT THIS WAS (the morning after) LUCIA'S LAST NIGHT IN HER CRIB, EVER. All the crying eyes emojis. 
My biggest is no longer a baby! And although I'm sure she could have transitioned to a "big girl bed" much sooner, I just wasn't ready for that. 
She started using a big girl bed once we moved to Tia's since we only had one pack n' play that would fit her and Regina was using it. So when we moved to Tia's she slept in her own room on a fold out futon and she did great! It only took a little getting used to for her, but she transitioned like a champ.

Regina across the street at our friend's the Steffen's house. We miss them!!!
We closed on our house mid-may but didn't need to move to CO until mid-July. We tried to push closing back a few weeks or even a month or two, but unfortunately it didn't work out. So our stuff went into storage for a few months until we were ready for it in CO and we moved into to Tia's house for a few months. 
That was a HUGE blessing! 
Tia Laura even moved in with Nonno and Nonna for a few months so we had her big, beautiful house to ourselves for that time. 
Lucia and Nonno playing the piano/singing DO RE MI at Tia's house! 
summer sisters 
We moved in to Tia's house a few days before the moving people came so that we would have enough time to move our stuff out and do any last minute things. 
On Sunday, the day before closing we stopped by after Mass to say good-bye to our house and our neighbors. We had an amazing 4 years and it was hard to say goodbye. 

Lucia dancing in our empty office/guest room 
(although it is technically a formal dining room, which is how we used it when we first moved in.)
our last picture of our girls in front of our house! 
After closing on our house, Fernando and I went out on a little date lunch at the Refectory Cafe in Durham. We split a burger and shake and it was DELICIOUS. It's a bummer finding all these new (to us) restaurants right as we are leaving NC. 
Lucia got gymnastics classes from us for her birthday. One day Nonna took her to her gymnastics class (where they happen to sell leotards) and she came back with an adorable new leotard! 
Big surprise there. ;) 
one day shy of 34 weeks! 
loving playing at Tia's neighborhood park
it's nice and big and fenced in! 
date night for Fernando and I
One of our favorite places to eat in the triangle was Vespa. They had our favorite dessert on the planet which is Panna Cotta. Specifically Panna Cotta from Vespa. 
Best. dessert. EVER.
(and I don't use dramatic punctuation lightly)

fun night at The Fearrington in Pittsboro, NC with friends
We started the night off with drinks, pizza, and some live music and ended it way past the girls' bedtime feeding the farm animals. 
These are some of the best memories of summer! We had fun with our good friends the Kirks and the Yrasquins. Miss you guys!!