Monday, January 25, 2016

Boschini sisters meet for the first time!

CUTEST video ever! The girls were SO excited to meet their sister! It was such a special moment! 

another sweet video of the girls getting to know Elena

with all my girls!
They were all over her!
Fernando and his girls
First photos as a family of 5! 

Fernando isn't looking at the right camera in the next two pictures but I had to include them because of Lucia's faces! :) 

Lucia's face is priceless! 

Last, but certainly not least, Nonna and Nonno with their granddaughters! 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Elena Carmen {first few days}

Here are some memorable moments from our hospital stay with Elena. Our favorite part of course was introducing her to her big sisters

sweet Elena Carmen-- moments after she was born

 proud papa
 one of the few times she cried! she was an angel
 probably upset she came out with male patterned baldness
it's okay baby girl, it will all grow out in a year... or two.. or three
 getting ready to meet big sisters!

 the sweetest babe
 proud mama!
 Meeting sister for the first time! (Full post here)
 resting after her big sisters left

 ready to go home!
 getting a diaper change before heading home
 could she be any sweeter?!
obligatory heading home from the hospital/first time in a carseat photo

Monday, January 18, 2016

Elena Carmen {Birth Story}

As a little back story...

I was due with baby girl #3 on June 28, 2015.

I had an appointment on Thursday the 25th where they checked my progress and I was 2cm dilated. I had another appointment on Monday the 29th and I was still 2cm. To say the least, Fernando and I were both very frustrated! 

When you are at all past your due date, every single day feels like an entire week (okay, maybe a little dramatic, but dramatic I am--and that's basically what it felt like). However in our situation we were especially stressed by every day that passed, because it meant we were one day closer to moving to Denver! I wanted to have as much time as possible to recover before having to fly across the country with all 3 girls! I know Fernando sympathized with my concern and he tried the best he could to ease my anxiety, but there is only so much you can say to a woman who is 41 weeks pregnant. 

Fast forward to Sunday July 5th...
(first part of the day here)

So by the time I was 7 whole days past my due date, I was SOOOO ready to not be pregnant anymore.
I had been having braxton hicks contractions over the past few months. And towards the end they were getting more frequent, but I still didn't have any that were close enough to time. And when you are THAT pregnant you think any contraction could be the one that starts labor.

So as I was saying at the end of this post, we went to dinner with Nonno, Nonna and Tia and towards the end of dinner (around 7:30pm) I started having some pretty strong contractions. There were only a few, but they were strong enough that I told Fernando we needed to head home.

We went home (which was actually Tia Laura's house since that's where we were living at the time) and Fernando ran me a bath while he got the girls ready for bed. Once they were both in bed he came back to check on me. I was laboring in the bath tub at that point and timing my contractions with an app. They were getting closer together and lasting longer but they still weren't the magic 5-1-1 formula yet (5 minutes apart, lasting one minute, for one hour).

I decided I wanted to go into the hospital already since this was my 3rd baby and I knew that my babies come quickly! I was afraid the 3rd would come even quicker and that I would have the baby in the car if we waited any longer. We were a good 25 minutes away from the hospital and Doctor though he may be, I didn't really feel like having Fernando deliver baby Boschini #3 in the middle of 15-501. 

Fernando called Nonna around 8:45pm and asked if she could head over. She was going to come watch the girls and stay with them while we were in the hospital. Nonna asked if she could come in about an hour, and I told Fernando, "no, NOW!".

Fernando started loading up the car and getting everything ready while I labored, so as soon as Nonna showed up, we drove off! We left a bit after 9 and showed up to Duke Regional Hospital around 9:30pm.
After registering and getting to our room it was finally time to check my progress. When the midwife said I was EIGHT centemeters dilated I was so relieved! I was in transition labor and only a few centemeters away from pushing!
I had wanted a room with a tub so I could labor in it, however they didn't have any available. Being in warm water helps a bit with the pains of labor, but mostly it's just a nice distraction. When you are in that much pain, nothing can really help (except an epidural, I guess! haha).
I ended up using the shower in my room since that was all I had and it worked out nicely. Since I was laboring standing up in the shower (and using Fernando for support with each contraction, who was standing just outside the shower) I think it helped the baby move down quickly.

It is one of the biggest pros to having a natural birth, being able to move around, get in a tub or shower, and not be connected to IVs or monitoring devices.  This gave Fernando and I a good 45 min to an hour of time to ourselves, that even though it was interrupted by the periodic groan and yell of labor, it allowed for some intimacy amidst the chaos.  Fernando would rub my back, or stroke my head, and tell me how proud he was of me and how much he loved me and his girls. It truly is a beautiful moment in every respect. (except for the whole part about it being super painful, that doesn't seem so beautiful in the moment;) 

I'm not sure exactly when, but a little after 11pm I felt like I needed to push. I got out of the shower and they checked me one last time. I was 10cm! Praise God! There is nothing like being told you are fully dilated and ready to push!

I can't remember how many times I pushed, but I think it was about 4 or 5 (very intense!) pushes and she was out!

Elena Carmen Boschini was born at 11:36pm.
7lbs 2.5oz and 20inches long!

 To me it is all sort of a haze, and I guess that's what a woman's hormones can do, but I think for Fernando it is always a very emotional and vivid memory. Don't get me wrong...I remember the pain!  But the details can sometimes become blurry. While he doesn't feel the pangs of labor, I imagine that for the man it must be very distressing to see his beloved suffering and not be able to do anything to take that away from her. Fernando also probably doesn't forget the times I put him in a headlock or scream in his ear with each push. ;) 

 The very first thing Fernando and I said the second we saw her was, "she looks JUST LIKE Maria                                                                                Lucia!!" We were like, we already had this one! 

I got to hold her right away and snuggle with her and she began nursing shortly after. Eventually they took her to weigh her and get her length. The rest of the time Fernando and I spent holding her and marveling at her sweet little features, most of which we couldn't believe were so similar to Lucia's! Especially since Lucia and Regina looked SO different at birth, we couldn't believe Elena looked so much like Lucia. We figured we would get a third girl that looked totally different than the first two. 

In a very funny way it immediately illustrated the miracle of parenthood and how two become one to help God in the procreation of the world.  Here we are, two people with completely different make ups, and our little baby is a beautiful reflection of our unity and compatibility. Her similarity to Lucia in a way re-emphasized the reality of our union, and we were just so thrilled with our new addition.

As we marveled at all her features, we talked about what her sisters' reactions would be when they met her. Besides getting to officially meet your new baby yourself, the next best thing is introducing them to their siblings. I knew the girls were SO excited to meet her, especially Lucia. It was all she talked about almost every day since she found out I was pregnant.

Our sweet Elena Carmen! She was (and is!) absolutely perfect, beautiful and healthy, just like her sisters! We are so blessed with these beautiful baby girls! And with uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries. Praise God!

Here is the birth announcement we sent out to our family and friends:

Sunday, January 03, 2016

5th of JULY, 2015

Sunday, July 5th was one of our last Sundays at St. Joseph. We had been attending this parish for 4 years and it was so difficult to say goodbye to the amazing families we met there.  

 Regina, Maria Lucia, Genevieve and Cecilia 
 Cecilia and Maria Lucia
These girls were born 2 days apart! 
 Where do I even start with this beautiful lady? 
Ana Maria is so amazing! Can you believe she has 7 kids!?
When I first moved to North Carolina, right after Fernando and I got married, Ana Maria introduced herself to me after Mass one Sunday. She knew that I didn't know anyone and she invited me over to her house for lunch. I came home from lunch that day and told Fernando, "I want our future family to be just like the Fraticellis!" And we have been learning from them ever since. She has been such an inspiration to me over these years. 
 Exactly 41 weeks pregnant! 
I was telling everyone after Mass to pray that I would go into labor already! 
Well Praise God their prayers worked and I went into labor that night.

After Mass we went to Bojangles (where else?) for lunch.
In the afternoon Fernando took Lucia to the neighborhood pool so I could nap while Regina napped. While at the pool, Fernando jumped in the water with his phone in his pocket. The fact that he did that wasn't THAT surprising, since he can be a bit absent minded at times, but what I couldn't believe was that he was in the pool for a good 10 minutes before he even realized it!
Anyway, that was a big bummer since Fernando wasn't planning on replacing his phone any time soon.

In the evening we made plans to go to Brixx pizza for dinner with Nonno, Nonna and Tia since I was 41 weeks pregnant and had NO intention of making dinner.

And at Brixx was where it all started...

To be continued with.... a birth story!

Saturday, January 02, 2016

4th of JULY, 2015

Saturday July 4th, 2015 was spent at the neighborhood pool and BBQ party. It felt good to spend the day by the pool and eating BBQ that I didn't have to cook! 

I was 40 weeks and SIX days pregnant (the most pregnant I had ever been)! I was feeling SO tired and super uncomfortable at the point! Basically the entire last month of pregnancy I was just OVER IT and ready to have the baby. 

I was hoping to go into labor on July 4th, not that I necessarily wanted a July 4th baby, but being already 6 days past my due date I was just SO ready to go into labor.  

Ready to be big sisters!