Tuesday, February 02, 2016

the sisters 3

I have always wanted to have pictures taken by a photographer at the hospital right after my babies were born! I haven't paid a professional photographer in the past because it was out of our budget. 
When Elena was born it was still out of our budget, but this time we settled for the hospital "photographer." I put that in quotes since she was by no means a professional. They offer to take pictures and then if you don't like them you don't have to buy them. 
They know exactly what they are doing though... they know once you see the pictures of your sweet little newborn there is no way you can pass them up! And even though I thought about getting some real newborn pictures taken of her once we brought her home from the hospital, I knew I wouldn't actually make it happen. 
So we went ahead and purchased the cheesy hospital ones... 

Maybe baby Boschini #4 will be lucky enough for the splurge. 


(not pregnant) 

Despite Regina's face in these next pictures, she actually was REALLY excited about her baby sister.