Thursday, April 28, 2016

first week home

Here are a few pictures of our first week "home" (at Laura's house) with Elena. We mostly just relaxed and I of course spent the time recovering and bonding with the new baby! My recovery went well, thanks be to God. Either that or it's been so long that I just don't remember the details. ;) Either way both Elena and I were healthy and that's what matters! 

Newborn babies are THE BEST THING EVER. 
her little hand! 
 She was such a good newborn...not fussy or colicky, just calm and sleepy. 
The only time she cried was when she got her diaper changed.
 Tia Laura with all her nieces, and meeting her newest little niece for the first time! 
 I can't get over those little folded hands! 

 This is "the hold" Fernando uses for all of our newborns. They LOVE IT! 
 Playing around with ML and G with the Trader Joe's cookies and their new baby sisters initials! 
When Fernando and I got home from the hospital, I found these on my nightstand! Lucia had made her and her sister's initials in hearts and cut them out! She is so thoughtful, that one! 

Fernando kept the girls busy during this time of recovery for me by taking them to the pool, the zoo, for walks, and for the occasional run in the sprinklers. One on one time with their papa is priceless! And since he was off work, the girls were loving having him around for days on end.