Thursday, May 12, 2016

Our last few days in NC/Grandma helping us move to CO!

In mid- July a little less than 2 weeks after Elena was born, my mom flew out to North Carolina. She arrived on Friday July 17th to come help us with our new transition and of course to meet her sweetest new grandbaby! 
The very next day, on Saturday the 17th, Fernando flew out to Colorado to begin the move! We had one day of overlap, that way we had a cushion in case something happened (in case my mom's flight got cancelled or delayed, etc). 
Our plan worked out perfectly! Fernando met Nonno and Nonna in CO so they could help with the move. They had driven Fernando's car out from NC, stopped in Montana for a bit, and then met him in CO on Sunday. 
In the meantime my mom and I just hung out with the girls in North Carolina and waited for our flights to Colorado!

The way Regina's hand is so sweetly on Elena's head! and Reinga's teeny tiny little pony tail! 

We got in lots of snuggles and last minute errands... which of course included some of our favorite places to eat.

Let's talk about Merritt's. 
Merritt's Store and Grill is the cutest little place in Chapel Hill. It's basically right around the corner from UNC hospital and I was SO sad we didn't find it sooner! What a shame it took us 4 years living in the the triangle to get there and we discovered it right before moving out of the state. 
Our sweet friends the Kirks told us about Merritt's amazing BLT sandwiches. I think we were a bit skeptical at first because, how good can a BLT sandwich BE? Well... it's THAT good and then some! 
So. GOOD. 

cute little Merritt's... basically standing room only once you get in there, it get's SO crowded at lunch time! It's great to go on a day when the weather is nice that way you can sit outside. 
the best BLT of my life. 
And I don't use that phrase lightly. 

We went once with Fernando right before Elena was born and then I had to bring my mom back because I knew she would love it!
We also, of course, had to get in one last trip to BOJANGLES. I can't describe my love for Bojangles. It's rather pathetic how much we ate there. It's probably better for our health that we moved out of the south and no longer live anywhere near a Bo's. Their tea is sweet, their fries are seasoned to perfection, their biscuits are buttery and flaky and their chicken is fried in a cajun flavoring that makes me completely forget that I'm eating super unhealthy fried chicken.  
We don't consider ourselves "fast food" people. We don't eat at McDonalds or any other fast food chain but our exceptions are and forever will be Bojangles and Chick-fil-a. (and of course In-N-Out Burger when we are on the West Coast!). 
grandma, grandmaing
THE DAY before we were supposed to fly out to CO, Regina woke up with a huge puffy eye! Poor thing. This is the pic I took at the doc's office when I said, "say hi to Papa" for a pic to send to Papa. 
Luckily it ended up being okay and something that went away easily with medication. 
Sweet, perfect E. 
The last of my southern belles! 
The whole day of travel started the night before we actually left, by staying up late and packing everything for the trip! My mom was such a trooper by helping with whatever I needed which meant she also stayed up late and helped me pack! 
Then the next morning (Thursday, July 23rd) we were up SO early for a 7am flight. We were getting a ride to the airport from Laura and she needed to be at work at 5:30am, so she had to pick us up from the house at 5am. So my mom and I woke up around 4am to get ready, pack the car, collapse pack-n-plays, get babies up and ready, and get on the road. It wasn't until around 5 am when we were all about to get in the car that I realized that there was NOT enough space in the car for us all to fit. 
The ONLY option was for my mom and I to both ride in the front seat. I can't believe we hadn't figured that out sooner. 
Luckily we both somehow managed to squeeze in there and the ride to the airport wasn't very long! 
Laura dropped us off in my MDX, which was our last time in it. We sold it to our soon-to-be brother-in-law Svet. I was SO sad to part with it, as it was my car for 2.5 years! 
The MDX was a VERY generous gift from Nonno and Nonna. So for 1.5 years of our marriage Fernando and I only had one car. And then in December of 2012 (when Lucia was about 8 months old) we finally got a second car. 
That MDX was such a great, reliable car. The only reason we sold it was because Svet was in need of a car and that way we wouldn't need drive it across the country or pay to have it driven. 

Anyway... back to the flight!  
trooper grandma!

Poor G. Still not feeling great but she did pretty well on the flight! My mom and I were expecting the worst and it really wasn't that bad!  

this flight was made possible by: coffee
and the safety information pamphlets 

4 luggage bags, a diaper bag, 3 car seats and 2 pack n' plays. 
oh and 3 babies! 
Fernando picked us up from the airport in my new (to us) ..... wait for it.... MINIVAN!

It took 4 years of marriage and 3 babies but we finally got a minivan.
We knew it was inevitable.
Although I was willing to make the transition to a minivan (no hesitations or regrets), I do miss my MDX! 
I mentioned before that when we moved into our house in North Carolina, after getting back from our honeymoon, Fernando carried me over the threshold of our home.
Well when we pulled up to our new house in Colorado, Fernando pulled into the drive way and made us use the front entrance to go into the house for the first time. And as you can tell from the picture, he carried me over the threshold!

Since we purchased the house online and had never seen it in person, this was my very first time even seeing our home! (It was such a crazy experience but thanks be to God we are SO happy with the house!) 

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Cow appreciation Day 2015

This was Cow Appreciation day 2014. CRAZY how time flies!
 Well, last summer when little Elena was just NINE days old, our newly minted family of 5 went to Chick-fil-a for lunch for Cow Appreciation Day. If you dress up like a cow they give you a free meal! And who doesn't love FREE food?!

 NINE DAY old Elena!

 I doubt you've seen cuter cows.