Thursday, June 23, 2016

Nonno and Nonna make the move happen! and then some...

I want to praise Nonno and Nonna without whom we wouldn't be where we are. They helped us with our move to Colorado in more ways than we can even count!

I won't mention how when they moved to NC back in December of 2012 (and Lucia was about 8 months old) they gifted (!!) us a car, so that we wouldn't have to be a one car family anymore.

I won't mention how every Wednesday Nonna would come over to our house and take care of the girls so I could run errands or go to Adoration. And she would usually watch the girls WHILE cleaning our house.

I won't mention how they watched Lucia when she was 14 months old so we could go to Texas for a long weekend for a friend's wedding.

I won't mention how for the two and a half years we were all in North Carolina, they babysat every Thursday for date night.

I won't mention how on many date nights, they would take the girls to Subway as a special treat for them and let them pick out lemonade and a cookie. (Something the girls always look forward to.)

I won't mention how Nonna was roped into every sewing project I had and usually ended up just doing it herself. (Fitted sheets for the baby's bed! carseat cover! curtains! mending! etc.)

I won't mention how they would take the girls to the park or for a walk just to give us a little break.

I won't mention how they paid for Lucia to do gymnastics and then bought her a leotard just "because it was so cute."

I won't mention how they fed us at least once a week, most weeks.

I won't mention how every time we all went out to eat together, they always treated.

No, I won't mention any of THAT.

But what I will mention is this:

They came and helped watch the girls so I could clean/helped me clean the house in NC so we could put it on the market.

They helped pack up boxes and get ready for the move.

They watched the girls the whole day on "moving day" so we could be home without distractions while the movers came to pack/load everything.

A few days after moving (while we were temporarily living at Laura's) Fernando and I made a trip for a long weekend to Colorado to look for houses and get to know the area. They watched the girls the whole weekend and took amazing care of them (as always.)

They watched both girls at a moment's notice when I went into labor with Elena and took care of them the whole time we were in the hospital. And then brought them to visit the hospital so the girls could meet their baby sister.

About a week after Elena was born they drove Fernando's car all the way (!!) from North Carolina to Colorado (by way of Montana).

Once they got to Colorado they helped while the movers moved every box into the house and made sure they all got placed in the right rooms.

They helped Fernando unpack EVERY SINGLE BOX in a matter of days! You read that right, every single box! They only left a few boxes that needed to be dealt with because they weren't sure where I wanted things. (Priceless coming home to a house with everything already in it's place. Especially when you have a 2.5 week old baby.)

They stocked my fridge and pantry with all the necessities!

They then stayed for a week or so after we arrived to make sure everything was settled.

We love you Nonno and Nonna! Y'all helped us in more ways than we can count!

The above picture is them on a much needed vacation after all this hard work! ;) Well deserved trip!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

July 2015, CO edition

Here is the second half of our July! 
The first half is here.
In July we had a baby, moved across the country, moved away from family and Fernando started a new job. You could say it was eventful.
Here the the second half of the month when we started settling in to our new home.

The Boschini sisters getting to know their newest sister.

We can talk about the EGG YOLK YELLOW (as we not-so-affectionately referred it) walls later. 
 Nonno and his newest fan 
The beautiful flowers Fernando's new job sent to welcome us to Colorado. They also sent another beautiful arrangement to North Carolina right after Elena was born. So thoughtful!
On our back deck one night beautiful night with our family--
ML: I want to take a picture that!
Rachel: of what? of us hugging?
ML: ya!

so photo cred: Maria Lucia
park with grandma from rachel boschini on Vimeo.

One day Nonno and Grandma took the girls to the park. 
This is typical Gina, doing things her own way. 
Breakfast on our back deck
No deck furniture yet, but we're working with our folding table and chairs for now!  
I love the progression of these photos! 
First: sleepy peaceful baby
Second: Big sister coming to hold her hand 
Third: Biggest sister comes to kiss her other hand
It's the perfect depiction of her first few months of life. 
newborn milk coma
also I can't get over her sweet little arms in that tank top 
video of sweet little newborn breaths here
Nonno and Nonna with the girls before their early flight back to NC.
After we dropped Nonno and Nonna off at the airport we went to CFA with the girls. I loved their sweet, genuine smiles in these photos. 
I love the confused look on her face and the "Ee" sticker her sisters put on her. 
post bath sister kisses 
her little frog legs and newborn movements 
my mom, me with Elena, my cousin Amanda and her son Dalton and my Aunt Terry (my mom's sister)

picture of a tired mama
we love grandma!
ML wouldn't stop kissing Elena's nose for the first 4 months of her life.

our first time at our now favorite brunch place that we have frequented about a million times since

The big girls with their friend from NC, Genevieve Heyne. The Heyne came to Colorado shortly after we moved so they stopped by for just an hour or so on their way to the airport.
This is Genevieve and Regina when they were little babies! 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

July 2015, the NC video edition

EEEEEMMBELOPE! from rachel boschini on Vimeo.

This was a few days before Elena was born. Lucia was making cards for everyone she knows and needed an envelope. She mispronounces so few words, so when she does I hesitate to correct her. It's just so darn cute!
3 day old baby! from rachel boschini on Vimeo.

THREE DAY OLD ELENA! There aren't many things better in life than a 3 day old perfect human.

awake time from rachel boschini on Vimeo.

Ignore my high pitched mama talk, but I happened to catch her awake. I love her sweet little movements and sneezes!

Elena trying to sleep while I'm bugging her. 

July 2015, the NC edition

July was definitely a special and insanely busy month for our family!

First and MOST importantly, our Elena was born!

  her birth is here and pictures from her first few days of life are here
ohh and there are some great pics and videos from meeting her sisters!

We got home with Elena mid-day on Tuesday. The girls had already come to see her on Monday in the hospital, so when we got home this was their second time seeing her. They of course wanted to hold her and didn't want her to leave their sight.

Tia finally meeting Elena, her third niece!
Lucia was SMITTEN! I would say it was from the moment she laid eyes on her, but it started way before that!
the look on her face! the placement of her hand! I can't get over it!
Snuggle time with Tia!

She spent all of her time in NC (the first 2.5 weeks of her life) sleeping.
Rare awake moments
Regina pointing to "baby"
the big girls sitting at sister's one week checkup
Lucia "helping"
I LOVE everything about this. Fernando with his 3 girls!
Where Elena hung out on Tia's couch her first few weeks of life.
Little sweet details I never want to forget!
A little sunbathing at a week old while big sisters swim.
 When Elena was a few days old Nonno and Papa took the older girls to the North Carolina Zoo. They had such a great time!
LOVE this picture of Nonno walking along side the stroller and holding Regina'a hand!
In North Carolina we had to say goodbye to so many dear, close friends. Among them being Ana and her whole family. 
As I wrote about in this post, the Fraticelli family became so dear to us during out 4 years in North Carolina. This is 4 of their 7 kids with our 3 girls. Their 3 oldest kids aren't pictured. They were probably helping in the kitchen! Their kids are amazing!
Last minute baking with grandma for treats to bring on the flight to CO!
And finally our long awaited, anticipated, and planned for move to COLORADO!
pics from the grandma helping us move/the flight are here! 

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Our 5th anniversary!

I interrupt the horrible "catch up blogging" I've been doing (being almost a year behind on documenting family memories is the worst!) to bring you our FIFTH anniversary! and run-on sentences. 

I have been wanting to document our Best man's speech since our wedding! We were waiting for him to send us a copy and then when he did there wasn't a "right" time to post it. But I figured now, on our FIFTH anniversary, would be a perfect time. 

The Best Man at our wedding was Matthew Toups. He is Fernando's best friend from college and he and his now wife, Renee, have turned into great friends for both of us. 
We didn't have everyone and their mom give a speech at our wedding. We just had my dad give a speech as the Father of the Bride and then Matthew give a speech as the best man. 
We wanted it to be short and simple and awesome. Well Matthew accomplished all three of those things!
His speech was the best I've heard... of course, I would think that since it was about us!  

Without further ado, Matt's best man speech: 


First off let’s thank Mr. and Mrs. Cardin for this wonderful reception they’ve put on here and everything they’ve done to prepare for this joyous occasion.  And let’s thank Fernando’s parents, or as I like to call them, the “other” Dr. and Mrs. Boschini, for everything they’ve done as well.
For those of you who didn’t recognize that handsome little devil standing next to Fernando up on the altar…that was Fr. Leatherby, a good friend of the bride and groom. 

My name is Matt Toups.  Fern and I went to Duke together and were roommates in North Carolina for 2 years.  We met through the Catholic Student Center our junior year, and right away I knew we had a special connection, because Fernando was basically trying to emulate everything I was doing.  For example, he joined a club soccer team at Duke, he signed up to be a physics major, and perhaps most importantly, he started to take a real interest in deepening his Catholic faith.  I guess you could say I’m more or less his role model.  Or is it the other way around?  I’m not sure.
Fernando, over the years, we’ve grown in our friendship together as we’ve in our faith together.  And I am proud and honored to be standing here by your side on your wedding day, as I’m sure all your groomsmen are. 
Now I should confess that despite pleading with Fernando several times to organize an occasion for me to meet her, I first met Rachel only a few days ago.  So Rachel, I imagine you might be thinking, who’s this joker up here with us?  Where’s he been the past 2 years since Fernando and I started dating?  Well, I’ll tell you…
In 2009 I was in NY when Fernando visited me in November and told me about this amazing woman named Rachel that he knew from the rosary group he was a part of at that time.  They had been talking for a couple weeks or so, and Fernando was thinking of asking her out.  I said, “Wow, that’s exciting.  Is she pretty?” “She’s beautiful”.  “Is she smart, kind, generous, the whole package?“  “Yes. She’s the whole package.”
“That’s great, but what makes you think that God is calling you to date this woman?”  He said, “She challenges me.  She challenges me to strive for holiness, as she strives for holiness each day.”  
Now, this isn’t just a line.  That’s what he said.  And each of us here knows the happy couple, and so we know this is true.  Their love of God is an inspiration to all of us.  And what greater foundation for a relationship than to seek first the kingdom of God?
In 2010 I was in North Carolina when I visited Fern in July and asked how things were progressing between you two.   He told me rather bluntly, “I’m going to ask her to marry me.”  “Wow. Congratulations.  But how did you know that she’s the one?”  He said, “Matt, what I’m about to say, I have never understood until now: when you know, you know.  With Rachel everything is easy.  Everything is uncomplicated.  Everything just makes sense." 
I guess relationships don’t have to feel like an uphill battle.  I guess sometimes you can feel like the sun is shining on your face and the wind is at your back.  That must be what it feels like when you’re with the person God is calling you to be with.  His yoke is easy.  His burden is light.
And now in 2011, here I am on your wedding day.  In fact here we all are on your wedding day.  And each of us has stories similar to the ones I’ve just shared.  And if I may be so bold I’d like to speak on behalf of everyone here when I say that we are overjoyed to celebrate the miracle of you 2 coming together and becoming one flesh, to celebrate the beginning of your new life together, the start of a new family, and to bear witness to a beautiful manifestation of God’s love on earth.  So if you’ll all join me in raising your glasses…to the happy new couple: May God bless you as you’ve blessed each and every one of us.


Photo credit: Teresa K Photography 
My blog posts on our wedding: here and here and here