Friday, July 08, 2016

August videos

Enana! from rachel boschini on Vimeo.
Elena gets her hand in Regina's face at the very end of the video and Regina says "Enana no!" hahaha

They can't get enough! from rachel boschini on Vimeo.
The big sisters are obsessed! There is no other word for it!

HIDE N' SEEK... or something like that from rachel boschini on Vimeo.
I gather that Regina doesn't quite understand the concept... 

7 week old Elena! from rachel boschini on Vimeo.
Newborns forever! We have been blessed with the easiest and most content newborns. 

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

August 2015 {part 2}

The second half of August:
 There is NO such thing as too many pictures of sleeping babies. It's just not possible to have too many.
 Mornings when papa doesn't have to work, especially random weekday mornings, are the best mornings. 
Lucia helping buckle up Regina. 
Lucia is SUCH a big help. Whether Regina wants to accept the help depends on what mood she is currently in. 
 What most of my mornings look like. 
 I love the old lady look of newborns. ha! 
The hair loss/crazy hair! the double chin!
 What it looks like when I go to the grocery store by myself, which is pretty much every time. 

And I wonder WHY people always (literally always) comment on me "having my hands full."
 Regina sitting in Lucia's seat so she could have a turn holding Elena's hand while we drive. These girls are OBSESSED! 
 Just over 6 weeks old here!
 Reuniting with an old friend, Lisa from grade school who happens to live in Colorado with her husband. We had an amazing dinner and these fantastic grilled Palisade peaches:

 My sweet friend Lisa sent us this beautiful little monogrammed notebook for Elena. I LOVE it and her adorable monogram! Thanks again to the kind Kirks! 
 Checking out the local parks
There are so many amazing ones in CO. This was one was in Golden; and we met up with some friends here for a potluck one beautiful Sunday afternoon. It was two other couples who happened to have moved to CO around the same time we did--and since then they have become some of our close friends. 
 This little folded hands pose is too much! She is perfect!
 Perfect depiction of crazy G, dirty face and all
 My Aunt Sylvia sent me this and I got a kick out of it! 
 She was the HAPPIEST newborn!
 Getting passport pictures taken for Tia's wedding!
Poor thing was so calm but she would not keep her head still. We needed a shot of her head straight where we could see both ears but she kept moving her head and it was impossible to get! She laid on the floor for almost an hour at Walgreens while we tried to get her to look straight (meanwhile big sisters got into everything in the store). We finally gave up and I bought a board, took it home and had Fernando help me get the shot at home. We finally got it after another 20 minutes of trying. 
That patient baby, she didn't cry once through the whole experience!
 I LOVE this picture that Lucia took.
This particular morning was a weekday that Fernando didn't have to work until later in the day and we were able to go to Mass and donuts as a family.
Having Fernando around (so much) more has been priceless! 
How I was able to get all the girls bathed when Fernando wasn't around. Elena's turn first and then watched while I bathed the big girls! 
My aunt Alicia gave an old car seat to Chico and Lorin and when they were done using it we got it. We keep it in Fernando's car so we can run errands with just ML or G without switching a car seat over every time. 
This particular time I ran to the grocery with just Regina. I thought she might enjoy the one-on-one time but she just talked about Lucia the whole time. In the picture about she's pointing next to her and saying "Cia's seat! Cia's seat!"
half-asleep, content face milk coma
Getting a kiss from one sister on the head and the other on the hand. Must be rough to be so loved!
Every day Lucia does "quiet time." A few months after we moved to Colorado she started to give up her nap. She used to nap around 1:30pm to 3pm and some days instead of napping she wouldn't be able to fall asleep, so I established a "quiet time" during that time instead. She would do quiet time in her and Regina's room and Regina would nap in Elena's room (before Elena started taking naps in her own room).
We got a little digital clock for Lucia so she would be able to know when it was 3:00. Otherwise she would be coming out of her room multiple times, asking if it was time to get up yet.
In the beginning (maybe the first six months or so) she would end up napping about 2 or 3 times a week. Then it transitioned to where she only naps about once a week or once every other week.
When she's not napping, she's coloring. Since she can't read yet, she can only spend so long just looking at books, but coloring-- she can/does do for HOURS on end! She LOVES coloring.

From when she started really becoming interested in coloring (around 2.5) to around 3.5, she colored mostly in coloring books. Then around 3.5 she started doing both coloring books and lots of free hand coloring.
It has been so fun to watch her masterpieces (spoken like a true mama) and to watch her abilities change and grow over time. She's amazing!

Monday, July 04, 2016

August 2015 {part 1}

August was a great month of finishing settling into our new home and getting a lot of fun summer activities in too! 
We found an amazing Danish bakery by our house and I still can't decide if that's a good thing or a bad thing! 
 We had some wonderful meals our on our back deck in August. Usually we went out there first thing in the morning before it go too hot! 
One particular day it was pretty hot and Elena was fussy, then once I took off her pjs she settled down and fell right to sleep. She had just been too warm. 
Nothing sweeter than a content sleeping newborn! 
Speaking of sweet sleeping newborns, I want to remember all the little details of her newborn features. They change SO fast! 

 The girls' and my mom's first trip to Cafe Rio! SO good! 
Very posed, but the sweetest smile! 
Goodbye brunch with Grandma right before taking her to the airport!
Although it was hard to say goodbye to my mom, it was made easier by two facts:
1. We dropped her off at the airport and then waited 20 minutes and picked up Uncle Jakey! (My mom and Jake literally high-fived as they passed through the airport-- my mom headed to her gate and Jake headed to baggage claim.) 
2. We already had a trip to Sacramento planned for September to visit my mom for her birthday. The trip was going to be a surprise but we wanted my mom to be able to get the time off of work and make her plans around our trip. We ended up telling her right towards the end of her trip when she was getting sad about leaving. She wasn't sure when she was going to see us again and then we told her exactly when we would all see her again. She was SO excited! 
 Uncle Jakey's trip was so great! Mostly, because he's the bomb. 
 Sleeping peacefully with Uncle Jake

 "Look Mama, it's an L!"
 "This is a diamond!"
 Sweet cheeks
 Popsciles on the back deck, not many things that are more quintessentially summer.
 baby toes!
 The way baby sis is smiling at biggest sis! All the heart eyes.
 Getting the big girls' room set up. 
Almost there, but not quite! 
 Can't get over her little lips and cheeks! 
 more meals on the back deck
 one of their first showers with mama! they LOVED it. 
 We have been having a great time exploring new restaurants in Colorado. So far this is still one of our favorites, Denver Biscuit Company. With biscuits, fried chicken and sweet tea, it sure made us feel like we were in the south again!

 Behind every cute picture is a little something like this.
 If I had a dollar for every time Lucia kisses Elena I would be a millionaire. 
 sweet, sleeping baby
 and then the same sweet, sleeping baby covered in sisters!
Not so fun when she wakes me up before the dawn, but one-on-one time nursing a newborn is priceless.