Saturday, October 01, 2016

California Trip! {September 2015}

In September we went to California for my mom's birthday. It was a fun excuse to visit my family and surprise my mom with a trip out. We were going to make it a complete surprise but with my mom's work schedule it is better for her to know in advance rather than just showing up, that way she could make plans. So we told her when she was leaving Colorado (when she came to help us move back in July) and we was SO excited! It made leaving us at the end of July easier for her since there was already another trip on the books for a little over a month later. 

The night before when we were packing and getting ready for the trip Regina came over to me while I was nursing Elena and we started talking about trip. She started asking me questions about the trip and making sure we were all coming... "Cia come too" "Nena come too" "Papa come too"

CA trip questions from rachel boschini on Vimeo.

The girls were SO excited ever since they knew the trip was planned, so when the morning finally came it might as well have been Christmas morning! 

 Riding the bus from the parking lot to Denver Airport.

 E asleep on the flight- there was extra room on the flight so we were able to bring her whole car seat and she got her own seat on the plane. I love it when lap babies get their own seats for free!
The girls only in Grandmas house for a few minutes and already playing with the dollhouse!
 Finally in CA and reunited with cousins! We love them!
 First morning "home" and fed well with an egg, bacon, brie and avocado open faced sandwich, peaches and coffee.
 A day spent at Cardin Ranch is a good day. Uncle Chico's property and toys are the best! The girls love it.
 Luke was OBSESSED with Elena! It was so sweet.
 So many things going on in this photo.
 Logan showing Lucia his chickens.

 A trip (or two, or three) to in-n-out is always on the agenda for a trip to CA.
(obsessed with Lucia's smile in this photo)
 and after in-n-out a trip to Leatherbys. a rare photo with just my bros!
 Logan and Lucia with their Uncle Jakey

 Lucia and Uncle Chico
Regina and Auntie Lo/her Godmother 
 one of my bffs, Diana- we've known each other for 8 years!
 Baptism prep for our little Elena. Elena was baptized the day after my mom's birthday so we ended up spending some of my mom's birthday getting ready for the Baptism reception (which was held at Chico and Lorin's house).

 My mom's birthday dinner
 Logan giving the big girls a ride
 how cute are my parents!?

 Logan told Baca, 'This is my Lucia."
 homemade pumpkin ice cream with homemade whipped cream and toasted almonds
Elena's baptism! (post here)
 Fernando with his Godson
At in-n-out (again!) on our last night in town.
 Regina with her Godparents
 Headed home all too soon
Regina had her "purse" on her arm ready to deboard the plane.

Back home in Denver International Airport.
This is what we look like when we travel (plus all of our bags which are not pictured.)