Saturday, March 25, 2017

Elena's Baptism Party

After her beautiful Baptism, we headed to Uncle Chico and Auntie Lo's house for a party! They graciously offered to host the Baptism party for about 70 people! It was a beautiful day with gorgeous weather. It was so great to be surrounded by our family and friends for this special day in our youngest daughter's life! 
(Although we of course missed Nonno, Nonna, Chicho Svet and Tia!)
Elena at her Baptism a dress Nonno and Nonna got for her specially for her Baptism party!

 Besides Elena's middle name coming for our grandmothers (both Fernando and I have paternal grandmothers who's first names were Carmen) she is most importantly named after Our Lady of Mt. Carmel (Carmen being a nickname for Carmel)! So I found it fitting to wear this necklace on the day of her Baptism. 
My parents got me this necklace for Christmas in 2014 when I was still pregnant with Elena Carmen. At that point we hadn't picked out any names yet and in fact, we didn't even know we were having another girl! 

The spread my family prepared! Baca, my mom and Lorin all pitched in to create this beautiful meal. 
the dessert table
Elena's beautiful cake, made by a local Sacramento cake maker who clearly does gorgeous work!
the beautiful cake details
Maria Lucia with her sweet friend Haley. Haley's dad, Sean went to medical school with Fernando and then did Residency out in NC when we were there as well. Now they live back in CA and generously drove all the way from Clovis, CA to join us for the Baptism! 
the girls having fun with all the yard toys!
sleeping happy baby on Auntie Stephanie
the Tower Family! 
my mom's brother (and my Uncle) William and my brother Chico
They have an uncanny resemblance in every way. It's easier to tell in person since they walk the same and have the same mannerisms!
My Uncle William came all the way from Aptos (about 3 hours away) for the Elena's Baptism. Great to see them as always! 
My dad (holding MaryCate DiGirolamo) and Mr. and Mrs. Brown
John (on the right) was the little ring bearer at our wedding! 
Cheryl and Jen
everyone enjoying the beautiful day
Lucia showing papa something
hanging out with grandma
The whole day was for her and she had no idea! Congratulations little Elena Carmen! We love you.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Elena Carmen's Baptism {September 5, 2015}

During our trip to CA in September we had Elena baptized! We moved to Colorado when Elena was only 2.5 weeks old and we didn't quite have a community or exact parish established yet. We decided to take the opportunity of our trip to see family in early September as a chance to get Elena baptized surrounded by family and friends. Regina was also baptized at the same parish! (It also happens to be the same parish where Fernando proposed to me in Adoration!!)

The church was fairly dark with not great lighting so the pictures didn't turn out great, quality-wise. But it's documenting the moment that counts! ;) 

Matthew and Renee Toups are Elena's Godparents. They were not able to make it for the Baptism, but my parents "stood in proxy" for them. Matthew was Fernando's best man at our wedding and his best friend since college! 

Elena taking a nap on grandpa before her Baptism!
the big cousins hanging out before the Baptism

all the cousins minus Elena
my momma and I
 chatting, waiting for the Baptism to begin
 Elena, moments before the BIG MOMENT!
 This is the Paschal candle, from which the baptismal candle is lit.
 the Baptismal font
Elena being anointed with the Chrism 

The prayer the priest says at this time is: 
God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ has freed you from sin, given you a new birth by water and the Holy Spirit, and welcomed you into his holy people. He now anoints you with the chrism of salvation. As Christ was anointed Priest, Prophet, and King, so may you live always as a member of his body, sharing everlasting life.

Blessing over the Baptismal water

"Father, you give us grace through sacramental signs, which tell us of the wonders of your unseen power. In baptism we use your gift of water, which you have made a rich symbol of the grace you give us in this sacrament. At the very dawn of creation your Spirit breathed on the waters, making them the wellspring of all holiness. The waters of the great flood you made a sign of the waters of baptism, that make an end of sin and a new beginning of goodness.
Through the waters of the Red Sea you led Israel out of slavery, to be an image of God's holy people, set free from sin by baptism. In the waters of the Jordan your Son was baptized by John and anointed with the Spirit. Your Son willed that water and blood should flow from his side as he hung upon the cross.
After his resurrection he told his disciples: "Go out and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit." Father, look now with love upon your Church, and unseal for her the fountain of baptism. By the power of the Spirit give to the water of this font the grace of your Son. You created man in your own likeness: cleanse him from sin in a new birth to innocence by water and the Spirit."

Father Leatherby touched the water with his right hand and said:

We ask you, Father, with your Son to send the Holy Spirit upon the water of this font. May all who are buried with Christ in the death of baptism rise also with him to newness of life. We ask this through Christ our Lord.

"Elena Carmen, I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit."

After Elena was baptized we put on her white garment.

Father said:
Elena Carmen, you have become a new creation, and have clothed yourself in Christ. See in this white garment the outward sign of your Christian dignity. With your family and friends to help you by word and example, bring that dignity unstained into the everlasting life of heaven.

God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ has freed you from sin, given you a new birth by water and the Holy Spirit, and welcomed you into his holy people. He now anoints you with the chrism of salvation. As Christ was anointed Priest, Prophet, and King, so may you live always as a member of his body, sharing everlasting life. AMEN.

"Parents and godparents, this light is entrusted to you to be kept burning brightly. This child of yours has been enlightened by Christ. She is to walk always as a child of the light. May she keep the flame of faith alive in her heart. When the Lord comes, may she go out to meet him with all the saints in the heavenly kingdom."

God the Father, through his Son, the Virgin Mary's child, has brought joy to all Christian mothers, as they see the hope of eternal life shine on their children. May he bless the mother of this child. She now thanks God for the gift of her child. May she be one with her in thanking Him for ever in heaven, in Christ Jesus our Lord.

God is the giver of all life, human and divine. May he bless the father of this child. He and his wife will be the first teachers of their child in the ways of faith. May they be also the best of teachers, bearing witness to the faith by what they say and do, in Christ Jesus our Lord.
All: Amen.

With Father Leatherby!
Us with the proxy Godparents (missed you Matt and Renee!)
Our little family of 5.

My whole family! It's been amazing to watch it grow over the last few years!