Sunday, April 02, 2017

Colorado is winning us over...

.... one trip to the mountains at a time! 

The last weekend in September we took a day trip to the mountains with our good friends, the Cuattos. We went to Rocky Mountain National Park for a picnic lunch and then took a drive on Old Fall River Road. The picnic lunch was delicious with great company and the drive along Old Fall River Road was treacherous, yet beautiful! Seeing the views of Fall River and the changing leaves of Autumn were both amazing sights. The trail is a one way trail and ends at Alpine Visitor Center, where the girls became "Junior Rangers."

You can start to see the fall colors changing, it was so pretty!
 Lucia playing with Marcellino

Marta and I

 Giordano playing with the kiddos
 The cute Cuattos
 Elena was sleeping in the van with the doors open while we ate lunch. The weather was perfect!
 after lunch we did a little exploring and let the kids play in the water

 Amazing views!
What a gorgeous day! (Elena was sleeping in the car)

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