Saturday, April 01, 2017

Our newest little Catholic!

Shortly after returning home to Colorado I took some pictures of Elena in her baptismal gown. We didn't take any closeups right after she was Baptized and I wanted to make sure to document how sweet she looked that day.
This is the gown that I wore when I was Baptized as a baby and every one of our girls have worn it as well. My Godmother and Aunt, Sylvia, made this gown for me as a baby and it has been very special for my girls to be able to wear it for each of their Baptisms as well.

the blanket that matches the gown
my name stitched onto one of the corners of the blanket

This little face she is making is too funny not to include!
the details on the bottom of the gown

sweet girl!

  Elena's Baptism from rachel boschini on Vimeo.

And now for some cute outtakes...
my little helper with the photoshoot

She's so cute!

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