Thursday, April 06, 2017

September 2015 {part 1}

September was full of fun things like trips to see my family in California (where Elena was Baptized! and she looked adorable! and we celebrated!) and trips to the mountains and amazing weather both in CA on our trip and here in CO! 

Here are some more memories from September... 

sweetest little face!
big sisters can't get enough of this little baby... and neither can we!
In September we finally got out our birth announcements for little Elena. I love how they turned out! Minted makes such beautiful cards. 
Sweet little E all swaddled up. This is how she sleeps in her co-sleeper next to our bed...
....and sometime she ends up in our bed. This cute little pose kills me!
G watching Papa mow the lawn on a Saturday morning...
The girls LOVE watching Fernando mow the lawn from their bedroom window!
Regina at the local Italian festival... 
This particular weekend we went to 3 festivals! We went to an Italian festival and a Lebanese festival on Saturday, and the Colorado Artfest in Castle Rock on Sunday after Mass. 
after Mass before heading to the Artfest with Aunt Amanda and cousin Dalton!
"Can I have a pink princess with sparkles, please??" 
sweet little face!
Tuckered out from a long weekend of festival-ing...holding on to her little craft that she made at the festival. 
As a new mama, one of my favorite times of the day is in the evening, once I put the big kid(s) to bed and I get to spend time just snuggling, nursing and focusing on my newborn.  Since our newborns usually got to bed around 10 or 11, it's so great to get a few hours with just Fernando and I being able to bond with the baby. 

Fernando's birthday cake! 
In September we celebrated Fernando's 33rd birthday. We had some friends (the Cuattos) over for dinner and I made one of Fernando's favorite soups and a strawberry shortcake cake for dessert. It was so fun celebrating with close friends (and missed all our family, of course!). 
Lucia's crazy post-nap hair! 
And our blindingly YELLOW walls. Update to come!
3 sisters! as cute as they come!
I love how ML is kissing E's hand in this one!
happy little baby :)

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